How To Fill Your Rental With Style And Personality


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Rentals exist primarily for transient people; that’s why many rentals are very basic and bare. It’s up to you how to spruce it up and make it your own for the duration of your stay. 

Staying in a rental has styling limitations, but you can always decorate it up without crossing the line. Even if you will only be staying there for a year, you would like a space that will reflect your personality and be charming enough to invite guests for small events. One that wouldn’t be too boring would dull your senses and dampen your creativity. 

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And here’s a guide to help you fill your rental with style and personality:

  • Install Floating Shelves

Most rentals have bare white walls, and if you don’t spruce it up, it will be plain and lifeless. Floating shelves are both decorative and functional and very cheap too. Position floating shelves in a color of wood you prefer and decorate them with photos, books, tiny ornamental plants or succulents, and other decorative trinkets you collect. Books speak much about one’s personality, and collectible items display endearing peculiarities. These personal items can be conversation pieces when you have guests over. 

  • Add Colorful Rugs

Floors in rental apartments may be stained, especially if the place is a bit old, and at times they may not look charming. Covering those unpleasant parts with colorful, exotic rugs will brighten the floor and make it look new. Choose a rug that would blend with the styling concept you prefer and see it majestically bring all elements of your decor together. 

  •  Put Up Photos In Various Areas

Photos of your travels, friends, family, and pets will create a strong personality in your rental. Positioning these in various areas of your rental will remind you of familiar places and improve your mood. Moreover, seeing memories in photos on display can improve your outlook in life and make you happier. Photographs are considered a memory-prompt that triggers pleasant encounters and joyful moments. You can also put a family shrine in the corner of your space and place photos of your family there. In that way, you won’t miss home too much. 

wooden Hexagon shelf little tree, books and toys copy space, moc
wooden Hexagon shelf little tree, books and toys copy space, mock up, hexegon
  •  Place Indoor Plants

Plants fit any styling concept, and aside from elevating the aesthetic of a space, they can contribute a lot to improve one’s well-being. The presence of specific plants indoors like rubber plants, Boston fern, and peace lily can improve the air quality of your rental, improve your mood, reduce stress and anxiety, lower fatigue, boost healing and calm your senses. 

  • Put Up A Stylish Wall Paper

Yes, you can paint a rental, but you have to paint it back to the specific shade before moving out, which is tedious. So, instead of painting it, why not use wallpaper instead? Many wallpapers now come in many colors and designs, and there are also textured types that could elevate your rental style and cement your personality in your space. Dressing up your walls can be easy with floral, geometric, tropical patterns, and even scenic murals. What’s best with wallpaper is that you can change it anytime you feel like it without putting a dent in your wallet.  

  •  Use Framed Wall Arts

Whether you’re into contemporary, classic, vintage, eclectic, or abstract, you can always have customizable wall arts printed and framed to grace your walls. These wall arts will add a level of sophistication and charm to your wall. Whatever style you choose will reflect your personality and encourage conversations when you have guests over. It has also been proven that being surrounded by art increases productivity and creativity, which is good, especially if you work remotely.

  • Cozy Couch With Colorful Accents

A cozy couch in a bright color will pop in a room and become the room’s focal point. This will be further enhanced with pretty throw pillows and equally colorful and soft throw blankets. This space could be your refuge after a tiring day at work and become a space for bonding with friends over wine and board games. 


Think of a rental as your own so your stay will not be counterproductive. Taking extra care and effort to convert your temporary living space to something stylish and beautiful may cost you a little extra, but the benefits far outweigh all the cons you might be thinking of in the beginning. 

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