How to Enjoy Weed Without Making a Stink


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There are so many benefits to consuming cannabis. Because cannabis has been legalized in so many places, both recreationally and medically, you have no reason to deprive yourself of weed’s ability to relieve pain and stress, to reduce inflammation, to improve calm and confidence, to boost energy and to bring a smile to your face.

However, just because cannabis is an undeniable good doesn’t mean it doesn’t have some downsides. One of the most obvious consequences of cannabis consumption is a notorious odor — part herbal and earthy, part skunky and gassy — that can pervade your living space and seep into the surrounding neighborhood. If you aren’t careful, your entire home can adopt the smell of weed, an effect even the most dedicated stoners aren’t particularly pleased about.

Fortunately, it is possible to enjoy cannabis regularly without infecting one’s entire interior with that infamous stink. Here’s how.

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Avoid Smoke as Much as Possible

For the most part, your sense of smell works when certain molecules are carried through the air and into the olfactory receptors in your nose while you breathe. Smoke, which consists of airborne particles, tends to contain a much higher density of scent molecules, which increases the likelihood of those molecules reaching someone else’s olfactory receptors. In other words, smoke tends to make a bigger stink than other methods of cannabis consumption.

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If you want to be especially careful in hiding cannabis’s aroma, you should opt for non-smoking methods. Fortunately, there are plenty of options to consider, such as:

  • Extracts. Oils and tinctures might produce an identifiable cannabis odor immediately outside their bottles, but the smell isn’t strong or concentrated enough to carry.
  • Vapes. If you use vape cartridges or oils — as opposed to dry herb – the cannabis vapor produced shouldn’t have any recognizable skunky smell.
  • Edibles. Pre-made edibles from a Rockville dispensary will look just like other food items, and they won’t emit a cannabis stink. However, if you try to make your own edibles at home, you will likely find your kitchen smelling pungently like weed.
  • Transdermals. Topical cannabis products won’t get you high, but transdermal patches can give you a minor psychoactive boost without any odor.

Exhale Through a Smoke Filter

Flower is by far the most affordable cannabis product, and smoking is the most convenient method for most consumers. If you can’t be dissuaded from using your favorite pre-rolls or pipes, you should be able to mitigate the smell of your smoke session by using a filter.

It is important to note that a smoke filter is not the same product as a filter tip, which you might roll into the end of a joint. Rather, a smoke filter is something you exhale into to trap the smoke and smell molecules and prevent them from spreading around your space. In some corners of cannabis culture, filters are called sploofs; in other corners, they are called smoke buddies.

You can purchase all manner of smoke filtering products. Some of the highest rated include:

  • Sploofy
  • Smokebuddy
  • Eco Four Twenty
  • Angel

However, you can also DIY a smoke filter out of an empty toilet paper roll, dryer sheets and a rubber band.

Distract From the Aroma With Other Odors

Trying to cover up the smell of cannabis smoke is a rookie mistake. In fact, an overpowering waft of Febreze is sometimes more telling of a stoner’s space than lingering skunkiness. If the damage has already been done and the textiles of your living area are packed with cannabis odor, your best bet is to cause an aromatic distraction with complementary scents, instead.

Man Rolling marijuana joint
Man Rolling a joint

You should look for candles and other air fresheners that have smells similar to weed but a bit more pleasing. Earthy, musky aromas are best; think: pine, cedar, tobacco, leather, fireplace and the like. Then, the cannabis odor has a better chance of blending into the complex smell-scape of your space.

Clean up Accoutrements After a Session

Finally, cleanliness is next to scent-lessness. Instead of allowing your bud to sit out as you enjoy your cannabis high, you should keep your stash sealed tight. Any crumbs or roaches leftover from your session should be promptly disposed of, ideally outside your living space. Not only will cleaning up keep your space looking and smelling fresh, but it will also help your bud maintain its potency for as long as possible.

Depending on your perspective, the aroma of cannabis is either unbearable or utter perfection. Regardless, you should try to prevent the smell from seeping too far outside your space with the above strategies for containing cannabis stink.

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