How to do Dry Cleaning at Home

Did you stain your beautiful dress at the party yesterday? Are you frustrated that one spot may render the dress unwearable again? Are you worried that the dry cleaners may do more harm than good to your dress? Well, first things first, we request you to calm down because this definitely is not the end of the world for you!

There’s an amazing yet simple way to dry clean your clothes at home without fearing that you may spoil you dress. What’s more, this will save you money, time, and hassle! Moreover, if you do not follow the proper dry cleaning method, then there may also be chances of facing some health issues like itching, allergy, and other types of skin infections.

Let’s see how this is possible:

  1. First, you must head over to the nearest supermarket and buy a DIY dry cleaning kit. These kits have all that you need to get the job done without sweating one bit. Almost all good kits have three contents: Stain remover, dryer bag, and dryer activated cloth.
  2. You will have to start with the stain remover. A few kits provide a solution while others provide a pen. Either one will do the trick. Take the garment you want to dry clean and look for the spot(s). The stain remover solution/pen is used to pre-treat the patch of dirt, mud, or stain.
  3. Rub the solution on the stain. Be careful not to apply the solution anywhere else on the dress or garment because the solution is generally very strong and can harm the clothing. You could also conduct a patch test to see if the dry cleaning kit is actually working well. Test it on a discrete area so that no harm is done even if something goes wrong.
  4. Once you are through with the above step, place the dress or garment in the dryer bag. If you are dry cleaning a few clothes together, make sure you don’t stuff the bag. 2-3 clothes per use should be your limit.
  5. Now, you must also put the dryer activated cloth in the dryer bag along with your clothes. This dryer activated cloth is loaded with chemicals that evaporate in the tumble dryer, helping the cleaning process while maintaining freshness.
  6. You might also want to read the instructions on the label of your drying cleaning kit to ensure that you did not miss any step.
  7. Now, zip the bag and run it in the tumble dryer of your washing machine for approximately 30 minutes. Kits usually come with instructions about the duration as well. Follow that duration or run it for half an hour. We suggest that you not go beyond that time period.
  8. After this, all you have to do is to dry the clothing and you are done!
  9. If you are planning on ironing the dress or garment, make sure you only use a steam iron. Regular ironing may not help even the creases out.
  10. DIY dry cleaning kits can be used a few times and the dryer bag is generally reusable. We have found that such kits really take the pressure off especially when the stained piece of clothing is one of our favorites!

Also, remember that a few stains may be too harsh and stubborn, making it very difficult for us. For such stains, we may need to repeat the process.

Can you dry clean anything at home?

Yes! Unless there are too many stains or the dress is highly embellished with sequins and stones, you can dry clean any piece of clothing at home. It always a good idea to leave the difficult job for the professionals but you can also try your hand with delicate clothes if you are up for it.

Just remember not to rush through the process. Before buying a dry cleaning kit, read the reviews carefully. After purchasing the kit, go through all the instructions so that you don’t risk the beauty of your clothing.

We hope this guide takes away the hassle and helps you keep your clothes as good as new!

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