How to Develop Your Email Management Skills to Succeed In College and Start a Brilliant Career

Email is among the best ways of communication and perhaps the only one that helps all people without exception in their everyday routine. You may like or dislike messengers, use Skype or Facebook chat, but you have an email address for sure. Mailing can be considered as a powerful marketing tool, whether it is used to promote a company and its products and services, or to write a marketing paper as a college assignment. Anyway, modern students and employees inevitably face it on a daily basis, that’s why some of them are trying to increase their chances of being noticed by using a paper writing service.

We receive messages not only from friends and colleagues but also dozens of advertising letters, notifications, just spam. In order not to drown in the flow of incoming information, it’s very important to develop skills of effective email management. The useful recommendations listed below will help you achieve this goal.

How to manage emails without spending extra time?

If you spend too much time processing mail and the number of messages in the Inbox does not decrease anyway, try to schedule your work with letters more strictly. Usually we begin to check the correspondence, find an interesting link in the text, proceed to the website and then to the other one. In half an hour, we recall about the initial task and return to the letters. As a result, the time had passed and the matter did not move from the spot.

Therefore, try to allocate a certain limited period of time for work with the mail. Everyone can set the frequency and duration of these intervals individually. Just be objective and take the volume of information into account. Perhaps it will be an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening. It may be more convenient for you to log into email account every hour for five minutes.

Most importantly, try to adhere strictly to the established schedule and don’t be distracted by anything extraneous. The awareness of the fact that your time is not endless will inevitably lead to an increase in the efficiency of handling postal materials.

Each letter means an action

The main rule that you should apply to build management skills when it comes to sorting mail: each opened letter induce you to do something. If you opened the message, never leave it in the Inbox again. You should either immediately reply to the author or forward the task to someone who can cope better with it. Another option is to schedule a new point in Google Task or other calendar. In any case, as a result of your action, the letter should be deleted or moved to the archive, that is, leave the Inbox folder. If you follow this simple rule, your email will be cleaned sooner or later.

Filters and labels

If you receive a large number of letters every day, their processing requires a lot of time and effort. Why don’t you use the supporting resources of the mail service?
It’s about setting up filters for automatic mail processing. Instead of manually clicking on each message, you may just set up the necessary settings once. For example, all messages from your relatives’ addresses will get into the Family folder automatically and will be marked as important. All press releases will get into a separate folder bypassing the Inbox. Notifications from social networks will immediately fly to the Trash.

Thus, you can distribute messages on the main topics and prepare yourself for their processing accordingly. You will no longer have situations when your brain switches from home affairs to business matters, then immediately on entertainment mailings and back.

There are many filters options for email organization. Once you build an automatic filtering system, you will save days and months of your life. In addition, with the help of assigned labels or distribution by folders, you can easily find the necessary letters in the archive (do you remember that the Inbox folder is completely empty?)

Do not forget about search

Many users, especially beginners, keep all their letters in the Inbox because it seems to them that it will be impossible to find the needed information after archiving. If you have set up a system of filters and labels as described in the previous paragraph, your archive is already organized and it is much easier to navigate in it. But do not forget about the search line. For example, in Gmail, the searching system is so flawless that it will be easy to find any letter.

Use marks

In many postal services, there is a function of marking messages with special symbols or colors (in Gmail, these are stars). With the help of this tool, it is easy to highlight the necessary letters that require your attention and put them in a separate folder. In Gmail, you can select a set of labels yourself and use them quite flexibly. Thus, one glance at the contents of the mailbox will be enough to rank the letters according to their importance.

Use keyboard shortcuts

The use of hot keys can speed up the processing of correspondence so much that it is worth spending several hours to study them. But before that, check the settings and make sure this function is turned on.


The signature with the contact data can be configured by the functionality of the mailbox. If you send many similar messages, write templates and just copy them in the future. Also, there are programs that allow to create and use snippets (special abbreviations). After entering them, you will get previously assigned text.

Now you know the answer to the question “What is email management?” We hope that it was interesting to find out about its basic principles. Email is an excellent means of communication, but it does not mean that you should spend half of life on it. Maximum automation of all actions, quick answers, message forwarding, and well thought-out planning will allow you to quickly cope with any number of letters and save time for pleasant activities.

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