How to Design Your Garage Door to Your Home


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Garage doors are crucial for home makeup and styling, but most overlook them. They give your living space a unique style, and they may be the one thing that makes your home stand out in the neighborhood.

If you are looking for inspiration, this article is for you. We have created maverick designs that will take your garage to another level.

1. Modern Farmhouse

Modern Farmhouse | Design Your Garage Door

This specific design gives your house a modern and vintage flavor. This is courtesy of the geometric patterns carved on the cedar wood panels. You can have the panels polished, but it’s not a must. The whole neighborhood will be gaping at this fantastic design.

Here are some details to remember when having this design.

  • Have the plants growing around the garage door always fresh and evergreen to add life to the space.
  • Have the door color blend nicely with the bricked driveway.
  • Have black iron straps and hinges dressed up on the door.
  • Having unequally sized doors will steal the show.
  • Having a white cladding will completely brighten up the space.

2. Duplicate the shapes

One thing that reshapes an old house into a modern tier one is when Z-shaped braces are installed on the wooden garage doors. Well, overturning the old door look to a modern one is quite some task, but at least this works since it gives it that classic appearance.

Here are some useful details for this specific design

  • Paint the door white since it emanates a clean and bright ambiance.
  • Install black hinges and iron straps to echo the quarter.
  • Blend the door with a brick finish, which chips in a pop of vivifying color.

3. Spanish magnificence.

White Mediterranean doors are quite stunning at first glance. The duo of dark iron strap handles and hinges adds to their magnificence. Furthermore, the wood plank external finish refines the design even more.

Here are some details to try and maintain the design at its best.

  • Have multiple panes installed to allow more light to enter.
  • Blend the door with a brick driveway.
  • To add to the aesthetics, you can have flowers growing just near the garage door.

4. Have the garage doors painted brown.

Have the garage doors painted brown

Having a brown color painted on your garage door will be something worth trying for vintage design fans. To continue with the modern look, have the steel door in brownish-black, which adds a smooth and sleek finish to your garage door.

Here are some tips to match up this vintage look.

  • Larger window panes will allow more light to enter your garage since the brown color is not bright enough. But it’s not all about the light; larger windows generally improve the overall appearance of any door.
  • Try to match it with a black asphalt driveway, to have everything in outstanding form.

5. The carriage designs.

This is nothing of the future but an old-school thing. Barns are dressed with these doors. In short, the garage door resembles those used on horse-drawn vehicle garages early in the 1900s. This design will surely radiate old-world charms.

Here are some details to observe.

  • Use plywood since when fitted on doors, an elegant touch is unleashed.
  • Use black wrought hinges and handles that will perfectly blend with the plywood.
  • Have gold reflective windows that will steal the spotlight.
  • Have the walls in any plain color, such as brown, which evokes the “old days” elegance and makes you feel like you are living in the glorious days.

6. The majestic French

The majestic French

Most people have seen these designs on home doors but not yet on garage doors. However, redesigning your garage has to improve the overall appearance, and having the triple French country doors fitted will surely display some class. If luxury is your thing, having the triple garage doors fitted to your garage is worth trying.

Dark brown wooden doors will preferably complement a wide range of outdoor designs. You can also choose sparkling white colors.

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