How To Design The Perfect Living Room


Your home’s living room is where every conversation happens. It’s an excellent spot to get the whole family together to make unforgettable memories. Meanwhile, a perfectly designed living room can put your guests at ease. Therefore, it makes sense to put in the time and effort required to create a comfortable and inviting living area. 

Designing a perfect living room will provide a comfortable place to stay where you can feel safe and sound. While there are plenty of unique designs to choose from, there are some features that you need to prioritize to make the most out of your space. To help you out, below are some ways to design the perfect living room: 

Choose The Right Sofa 

The main focal point of your living room is your sofa. It’s where you can get cozy and warm while lounging around. While there are various sofa styles to choose from, picking one isn’t just about choosing anything that looks comfortable. When choosing the right couch, it would be better to prioritize what’s best for your lifestyle and home. 

A sofa is where you can relax with your family or friends. You can watch the news or your favorite game while discussing your day at work. The best sofa for your home is the one that helps you achieve the mood you want to have whenever you sit on it.

On the other hand, a couch isn’t just one horizontal seating piece of furniture. Depending on your interior, you could try looking at sectional sofas. This furniture is excellent for large living areas as it provides more comfort. When looking for designs with sectional sofa, ensure they’re comfortable to sit on while also adding aesthetic value to your living space.    

Add Accent Pieces 

Apart from letting your sofa be the piece de resistance, it’s also necessary to add some accent pieces to complement it. It could be an accent chair, coffee table, or fireplace. To achieve a perfect living room vibe, you can add some accent pieces for a more dynamic look and feel. 

Ideally, your accent pieces should complement your sofa. The theme, color, material, or design could all be factors. However, since they’re accent pieces, you could spice it up a bit by adding embellishments. You could add prints or metallic elements to make it stand out while blending in flawlessly with the other design elements.  

Install Floor to Ceiling Windows

Having floor to ceiling windows can help to open your living room and make it feel brighter and bigger, they will also give your living room a modern look. When it comes to windows themselves, many modern homes have black framed windows that give the house a fresh and luxurious look, however this may change depending on your design theme.

Before you install new windows, you’ll need to know what size windows you need so that you get the right ones. Therefore, you’ll need to ensure that you know how to measure windows beforehand.

Include Good Lighting 

Artificial lighting is essential, especially if the space lacks natural light. A room’s character and depth can be enhanced with the help of well-placed lighting fixtures. This design element can help draw the eye away from the flat surfaces of the floor and walls. For example, adding chandeliers can make the room look more sophisticated.  

Apart from choosing the right lighting fixture, you should also select the right color, shade, or tone for your light bulbs. Warm-toned lights can make the room look cozier and more comfortable. However, using all-warm lights might hurt your eyes. 

Meanwhile, switching to cool light can make the room look calm and peaceful. To create the perfect balance, you can play with different tones and decide which is suitable for your mood.  

Decide On A Theme  

A design theme is what defines your living space. Ideally, your living room should match your entire home’s interior design for a blended look. You can choose a modern, minimalistic, industrial beach or Scandinavian-themed home.  

As you decide what kind of theme you’ll have, it’s best to ensure that every piece you put inside your living room matches it. When you go furniture shopping, it might be tempting to purchase things that look pretty but don’t resonate with your home’s interior design. 

Hence, you can gather inspiration from different resources to assess what kind of space you want. Take a photo to keep yourself on track with designing your home.  

Balance The Decorations 

A perfect living room is balanced and well-decorated. It might be tempting to add as many decorations as possible to make the room look sophisticated. However, you should learn to balance what you put inside the room. 

In addition to wall decor and figurines, you can also use rugs and plants as your decorations. This will help complete the look of your living room and make it look more natural and homier. Furthermore, choose a color scheme that works to make everything look polished.  


Designing the perfect living room can be tricky, especially with the number of things you need to keep in mind. But as you learn to balance your furniture and decorations, along with choosing the right color combinations, you can achieve the living room that you’re hoping for.

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