How to descale an electric shower


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Nothing is more relaxing than a good hot bath after a hard day at work.  You come home tired and sore, but a hot shower immediately relieves you from all the tension. Electric showers are designed to provide you with the best hot shower possible.

Electric showers are devised so that you never run out of hot water. This is done by an electrically powered heating element that continuously heats the water. Only cold water is taken from your cold water supply, and some of it is passed through the heating element and then mixed back with the cold water to reach your desired temperature.

Problem of limescale

However, like old showers, electric showers are also vulnerable to limescale deposition in their showerheads. Limescale is a chalky white substance that creates a white film on the showerhead that acts as an obstacle to the proper flow of water. Limescale is mainly formed when hard water(water rich in minerals and salts) evaporates, leaving behind magnesium and calcium. Limescale deposition in an electric shower can cause many problems if not dealt with properly, such as poor temperature control and heating element failure. Fortunately, it is not too difficult to descale an electric shower.

How to descale

There are many different ways to descale an electric shower, and we will be covering the ones we find the most effective and convenient.

Method 1(Applicable for removable showerheads only )

First, remove the electric shower head. Please note that it is important the showerhead must be dry. Then create a solution of water and three tablespoons of white vinegar in a container large enough to immerse the showerhead in.

Leave the showerhead in the vinegar solution for an hour or more, depending on the number of limescale deposits. The acid in the vinegar will start to dissolve any limescale deposits. After the allotted time has passed, scrub the showerhead’s exterior, especially the area of the nozzles, with a toothbrush to remove any left deposits.

Finally, clean the showerhead with cold water to remove any left traces of the solution and dry it with a cloth. Inspect it visually to ensure all limescale deposits have been removed. Reattach the showerhead and spray out cold water at the strongest setting of the shower to get rid of any leftover solution inside the nozzles.

Method 2( Applicable for non-removable showerheads)

First, take a plastic bag and fill it to some extent with vinegar. Then tie the bag onto the showerhead, using a string, so that the showerhead is completely immersed in the vinegar. Ensure the bag is properly secured so that it doesn’t fall.

Next, leave the showerhead to soak in the vinegar for about thirty minutes if there are average limescale deposits or overnight in case there are substantial limescale deposits. After the time has passed, remove the bag and use a toothbrush to scrub the showerhead to remove any limescale from the nozzles.

Finally, turn on the cold water from the shower to dislodge any remaining limescale and finally dry out the showerhead with a cloth. An important thing to note is that this technique only works well with showerheads made up of stainless steel, chrome, or other forms of metal.

If your showerhead is made from brass, then leaving it soaked in vinegar for more than thirty minutes can lead to decolorization.

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Method 3

Instead of making your own descaling concoction, you can buy special limescale remover solutions from any convenience store to descale your electric shower. Apply this limescale remover solution onto the showerhead and leave it on for about ten minutes before scrapping it off with an abrasive sponge.

As a precaution, when applying the solution, kindly ensure you don’t get any of it on your clothes or in your eyes, as these solutions consist of harsh acids that are harmful.

Prevention of limescale

Now that you have properly descaled your electric shower, you should try to prevent it from happening again. A great option is to descale your showerhead on a regular basis, but a more convenient option is to purchase a showerhead with anti-scale nozzles.

By simply rubbing the nozzles of these showerheads gently with your fingers, you can clean the limescale off of them. A third but more expensive option is to install water softeners as they remove highly concentrated minerals from tap water, preventing limescale deposits from being made.

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