How to Decorate Your Child’s Bedroom


Decorate Your Child’s Bedroom

Kids’ bedrooms are a place for fun and creativity. Your child’s room should reflect their personality, tying in things they absolutely love while also being functional and practical. Luckily, this is a balance that doesn’t have to be difficult to achieve. 

Whether your child is obsessed with sports, animals, mermaids, or maybe a specific color, there are plenty of ways to turn their bedroom into a sanctuary for their imaginations. 

If you’re looking to decorate your child’s bedroom and want some tips to get started, continue reading! You’ll learn how to easily make a child’s room more stylish and fun while keeping everything organized.

Add Patterns, Textures & Colours

Add Patterns, Textures & Colours

Let’s start with the basics. The little things that can make the biggest difference in a room are things like patterns, textures, and colors. 

Wall art that features patterns or images your child is drawn to will make them love spending time in their room and create a sense of individuality. With an abundance of wall art and prints out there, it’s easy to find appealing pieces that will make the room pop. You can even go a step further and frame drawings or paintings they created on their own. It makes the space more unique and encourages their creativity. 

Adding texture to a room introduces more coziness and visual appeal. Think comfortable and plushy ottomans that are made specifically for kids. Ottomans look great as decor, and are also practical seating options for you or your child during playtime. 

Laying a shaggy rug is another way to add more texture and appeal to a room. A rug also adds an extra level of comfort for when your kids are running around and playing in their rooms. If you prefer colorful and patterned area rugs, there are plenty of unique options for these as well.

An easy way to liven up a child’s room is by applying a new coat of paint to the walls or creating an accent wall with bold wallpaper. Children love to express themselves through color, so painting their room with their favorite color or adding wallpaper will be a sure hit.

Children can have big personalities, so don’t shy away from showing them off. The bedroom should be reflective of someone’s overall style and personality—and that idea applies to kids of all ages.

Choose A Beautiful & Comfortable Bed

Choose A Beautiful & Comfortable Bed

Your child’s bed should be well-constructed and comfortable, but it can also be fun and creative. Since the bed is one of the larger pieces of furniture in the room, you have the opportunity to turn it into the focal point of the room. 

The obvious choice that many people turn to is bunk beds. Not only are they a huge space saver, but kids love bunk beds. They’re fun for sleepovers and making forts, and they also make a lot of sense for siblings who share a room. This type of bed is safe, economical, and a source of constant fun. With so many styles and arrangements, the bunk bed can also be  the focal point of the room! To bring an outdoors feel into the room, consider a tree house or cottage-inspired bunk bed. 

Daybeds are also great for children’s rooms as they’re resourceful while also adding an element of creativity. Daybeds can accommodate a twin mattress with drawers underneath so your child can store clothes or toys. There are also daybeds equipped with a trundle, or a pull-out bed underneath, which are perfect for sleepovers. 

Loft beds are one of the most versatile and comfortable options for your child’s room. Specifically for teens, loft beds offer a dedicated space underneath to place a desk and a chair to work on school assignments. From wooden to metal loft beds, there are several options that work for any teen’s style. A big bonus for loft beds is that you won’t need to purchase a kids mattress. A box spring is not necessary either; just make sure the mattress fits the dimensions, and you’re good to go!

Double Up On Storage

Double Up On Storage

Toys, games, accessories, and clothing can all accumulate in a blink of an eye. And when they’re not stored away, a room can quickly become cluttered. Just like bedrooms for adults, storage is important to consider when decorating a child’s room. 

Adding more storage options to your child’s bedroom is the answer to keeping everything in one place. Storage doesn’t have to be boring either—think colorful dressers and nightstands or open-concept shelving units.  

For more mobile options, consider storage crates or baskets. You can easily place them in the corner of the room to organize and conceal toys and games. They can also easily be tucked away underneath the bed or in the closet. 

Simple but useful fixtures, like hooks or floating shelves, are an affordable solution to keeping a bedroom clean. These small additions can do wonders for keeping everything organized as well as boosting the room’s overall aesthetics.

When you take time to consider convenient storage options for children, you’re also showing them that keeping their personal space neat and organized can be pretty simple. Especially at a young age, children can learn how to clean up after themselves and even take pride in their belongings, which will only make things like toys and clothes last longer. 

Create A Room They Will Love

Create A Room They Will Love

The bedroom should be a space where your kids feel completely comfortable and at ease. It’s also a place where their imagination and style can have free rein. Finding the balance between organization and creativity won’t be difficult if you make sure to consider your family’s lifestyle, as well as your child’s unique personality. 

With these design and decor tips, there’s no doubt that both you and your kids will be in love with their new bedroom. 

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