How to Deal With an Insect Infestation


Insect Infestation

It’s one of the most horrible things to find that your home has an insect infestation and not only that but if it’s not addressed quickly can be a very costly problem. So we need to know what is practically involved with sorting out an insect infestation problem. What do we do, who do we get in touch with and what disruption will it have on our lives.

Get A Professional To Asses The Situation

You can asses the insect problem yourself and try and use any over the counter product to get rid of them if you are sure of what the problem is, for example, if it’s flies or ants there are many powers and sprays that can be highly effective. However, if you are at all unsure of the type of insect or the extent of the problem then it’s a good idea to get a pro in to professionally diagnose the problem and use the appropriate method for removal.
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Check With Your Neighbors

Especially if you live in an apartment or a semi-detached property it’s a good idea to check with the neighbors to see if they are experiencing the same issues. This may seem a little embarrassing but there’s no point in dealing with the issue if it’s just going to come back from next door.

Arrange For Storage For Your Things

Once the situation has been appropriately assessed and the problem identified it is often the necessary solution to fumigate the property and due to the toxic nature of the chemicals used you may be required to vacate the building for a period of time and if you have any sensitive items you may want to put some of them into storage, places like Life Storage Springfield will have good, affordable and safe temporary storage solutions.

Find Somewhere To Stay

Find Somewhere To Stay
You will also need somewhere for you and your family to stay during the treatment process at your house. There will be a time for the chemicals to kill all the bugs but then there may be a time for the property to become non-toxic and fit for human habitation. You’ll need somewhere to stay during this process and if you are lucky enough to have someone with enough room you might be able to stay with friends or family, but otherwise you are looking at costly hotel or motel accommodation. If you are getting the insect treatment on your home insurance it would be wise to check if you can claim accommodation costs through this.

Take Steps To Avoid Re-Infestation

Once you’ve gone to the bother and expense of getting rid of the pests then you will want to do everything to ensure that they don’t come back. So what is the strategy? Cleanliness is one thing, many insect problems can be put down to the little buggers looking for a food source, this is especially true of something like ants. For others, like bed bugs, keeping a clean laundry is essential and in some circumstances, there is little you can do and if they come back it’s simply bad luck.

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