How to Create Your Own Neon Sign?

How many times has it happened that you drove through a street and were attracted to glowing neon signs? How many of you thought of lighting up your home in an interesting way??? The answer to all this is Neon signs. The introduction of neon signs can be called interesting and innovative as it enables to blend style, utility and economics perfectly.

Also, the fact that neon signs can be used in personal as well as professional spaces makes them more famous and liked. Though many service providers help setting up neon signs, if you are looking at something simple, low key and not like a brand sign then why not style your neon sign??? Interesting isn’t it??? Yes, making neon signs is quite simple and can also prove to be great group activity that you can plan with your loved ones. So, if you are game for it, here is a sneak peek into some tips that you need to remember while you style your own neon sign:

  1. Concept comes first. Before you even get into the detailing of the making of the neon sign, the first thing to do is to build or define the purpose of the neon sign. In other words, what that neon sign would be about? Is it to define a hangout space in your house or name your house etc. Once this is decided, rest all details will fall in place.
  2. Once you finalise how the sign would look like, it’s time to define how big it would look like. Space aesthetics is a must to make your neon sign look perfect. It is also an essential element that would decide the size and shape of the neon sign. Therefore, decide the place where you wish to place the neon sign. Once the place is decided, shape your design in such a way that it would fit the space perfectly. Also, when you are deciding on the size remember that if you are thinking of an indoor place, then planning it smaller and lighter is ideal. But if it’s outdoor, you can think of a bigger size.
  3. Fixing is the final step. Once you have decided the size and shape, it’s time to get to the fixing. Choose the color of the LED lights. The colour should be a combination of the purpose of the neon sign and the ambience colour. In other words, if your neon sign is to name a corner in your house that’s for partying then obviously your choice would be bright colours, but if the walls are of bright colours then choosing a natural orange color would be best.

Thus, with these simple tips, you are all set to style your own neon sign hassle free. On a closure note, neon signs are best to be glued on acrylic sheets and you can decide the thickness of the same depending on the size and shape of the design.

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