How to Create a Space Your Kid Will Love


Space Your Kid Will Love


A kid’s room is their sanctuary and that’s why it should be comfortable and fun at the same time. They will go home from school or a daycare center (or even just outdoors from playing with you or other kids) to their room so the best thing you can do is to make it a pleasant experience for them, filled with their favorite things.

Most of all, a kid’s room is the reflection of your child’s likes and dislikes. While that’s true, it should also be a space that is safe for them to roam around, filled with functional parts that will still keep them interesting. Here’s how to make your kid’s room something that your child will love.

Designing the Room

Here are some key elements that you can add to your child’s room to make it more interesting:

1. Put bright colors. Kids will most likely react happily to a brightly-colored room, such as their favorite color (e.g. red, green, pink, blue, yellow, etc.) so it’s best to ask what your child’s favorite color first before you repaint and grab different upholstery and décor items for the room. In this way, they will be easier to put together to make a harmonious room for your child.

2. Add wallpaper. Wallpapers are less messy and less toxic as compared to paint, plus you can also pick a design that your child will like, such as their favorite cartoon character and the like. Not only that: wallpapers are also easier to remove and replace, unlike regular paint.

Designing the Room

3. Use your child’s name as a design. You can put a signboard over your child’s bed or their room to make them feel that the room is truly theirs.

4. Pick furniture smartly. You may want to pick furniture that’s just right for your child. A kid’s room should have chairs and tables that will be easy to use and sit on for your little one when they do homework or create artworks on the table.

5. Maximize space. This is especially true if your child has a room that’s not too big or if you live in an apartment, condo unit, or small house. Make sure that even when all the furniture is placed around, your child still has enough time to roam around their room to stretch their legs and do all other kinds of activities. After all, space makes people, especially kids, comfortable and at ease.

6. Make sure all elements are kid-safe. Certain elements were proven by science that are dangerous to kids, such as lead. Kids’ toys should have safe and smooth corners and this applies to every part of the room to avoid causing an accident when they are all alone.

Add Items to the Room

After you’ve added the design, it’s now time to put in the elements of the room:

1. Interesting toys. For little kids, they can enjoy toys such as the Imaginarium Train Table. It can engage their imagination and can also act as a creative décor for their room. Consider toys that are age-appropriate so that it will grow with them and engage their physical, mental, social, and other skills as they grow and develop while playing with friends, and even when alone.

2. Add smart organizers. They can be bought from the store or you can use old cups, bottles, and cans as DIY organizers for your child’s toys and study items.

3. Learning/educational items. As with toys, they should also be age-appropriate. Even when they’re still toddlers, it can be important to give them educational toys to stimulate them and prepare them for school.


To wrap it up, creating a space your kid will love can be a hassle at first, but it can be rewarding in the end. After all, your child will feel pleased with their room and will also be able to do different things without feeling uncomfortable. Plus, a well-organized room also teaches them how to be organized.

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