How To Create A Reading Nook In Your Bedroom


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Reading is one of the best pastime activities to incorporate into your lifestyle. Whether it’s reading novels, business books, or magazines, reading can help reduce stress, prevent cognitive decline, and expand your vocabulary. Statistics show that about 70% of adults read at least one book a year, proving that reading is a popular recreational activity.  

To elevate and improve your reading experience, you can set up a reading nook in your bedroom. A reading nook in your bedroom will give you a more secluded and private place to read without disturbance. It’s also the perfect spot to unleash your creative side and do other pastime activities like journaling, drawing, and listening to music.  

Here are some tips for creating a cozy reading nook where you can curl up with your books.  

Find a good spot for your nook 

Look for a corner, wall side, or small space that will make a suitable area for your nook. You might need to rearrange your bedroom’s existing furniture pieces or eliminate excess clutter to make space for a nook. 

Most people usually choose the space near the window as their reading nook. But if the window side is filled with noise (e.g., vehicles, traffic noises), you can go for a corner or the space between two large furniture pieces. Any space that’s spacious and quiet enough for reading is an excellent place for a nook.  

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Decide the type of seating you want to have  

Your reading nook will never be complete without proper seating. Your choice of seating will significantly impact the coziness and comfortability of your reading nook. 

So, decide what kind of reading chair you like. Do you need an oversized, fluffy reading chair? Do you prefer a comfortable rocking chair with a cushion cover? Or maybe you prefer a hanging chair or a bean bag instead? There are plenty of reading chairs to choose from. Pick one that you find most comfortable.  

Make your reading nook more comfortable  

One of the essential factors when creating a reading nook is its comfort. Incorporate other things and decorative elements that will make your reading nook more relaxing. You can add another mattress to your reading nook if your space allows it. For instance, if you choose a hanging reading chair, you can put a queen mattress underneath it and add more blankets, pillows, and your favorite soft toys. And since this mattress isn’t your main bed for sleeping, you can opt for a queen mattress under 500 dollars.   

Using various fabrics, you can add more layers to your reading chair or mattress. Cover your reading chair with a soft cloth and place a seating cushion for more comfort. If your reading nook is next to a window, you can hang window treatments in rich linens with colors that complement the fabric used in your reading nook mattress and chair.   

Brighten up your reading nook with ample lighting 

Your reading nook must have enough lighting for you to read comfortably into the late hours. Otherwise, reading in insufficient light could lead to eye dryness or short-term eye fatigue.  

If your reading nook is directly beside a window, you won’t have to worry about lighting when reading during the day. Natural light is the best light you can use for reading. You’ll only need to hang adjustable window treatments to control the amount of sunlight streaming in. For nighttime use, you can add a task lamp, sconces, or string lights. 

Make sure to select the right light bulb for your reading nook. You don’t want the light to be too bright. To maintain the coziness and warmth of your reading nook, choose a LED bulb below 3,000K so that it can lighten up your nook enough.  

Separate your reading nook from the sleeping area if possible 

According to Psychology Today, your bed must only be used for three things: sleep, sex, and sickness. Using your bed for these purposes helps train your mind that being in bed means it’s time to sleep. 

Because a bed should ideally be used for rest, a reading nook in your bedroom will come in handy. You can read, write, work, or use your gadgets in your reading nook instead of on your bed. 

If possible, create a division to separate your reading nook from the sleeping area. You can hang curtains around your reading nook to create a canopy or place a low dresser perpendicular to the wall. A division acts as a reminder that the reading nook and bed serve different purposes. It’ll also keep others from invading your space, especially when you’re reading or working.  

Add personal touches to make your nook more special 

For ultimate comfort, decorate your reading nook with personal touches and sentimental decorations. You can hang your family pictures or posters on the wall or display indoor plants on the low dresser. You can arrange some of your books on the shelves and place the others on a wicker basket for decoration. If you’re a huge fan of a particular book series, use the series as a theme for your reading nook’s decoration.  

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Wrapping up 

A comfortable reading nook offers a quiet space where you can bury yourself in a book, unwind, and pamper yourself. Build one with the help of this guide, and it will soon be one of your favorite spots at home. 

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