How to Create a Music Room in Your Home?


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If you’re passionate about music, then why not use your extra bedroom to create a beautiful home music room for listening to your favourite tunes or practising your guitar or even recording your own music or where to put your record collections with the used of wooden record crate on wheels. But how do you set up your personal music room? What do you need to take into considerations? We’ve put together a guide to help you turn your spare room into the ultimate music haven. 


If you’re thinking of playing instruments, you need to seriously consider the use of insulation foam for your room. By doing that, you’ll keep your neighbours and family from being annoyed at the loud music or instruments. Foam is an effective way to soundproof your room, but you should also think of adding soundproofing materials such as carpet or thick rugs.  

It’s not just soundproofing you need to consider when setting up a music room. If you want to make your own music using specialist software, you will likely need a reliable internet connection. Research the best fiber internet options to ensure you have an internet service you can rely on.

Use your instruments as décor

If you have a small room, you should definitely consider displaying your music instruments on the wall. Guitars can be easily mounted with wall hangers or a display case, not only does it look stylish, it’s actually a great storage solution. Make sure you invest in good quality products as you don’t want to damage your instruments in the process.

Display your records

If you are a music fan, chances are you also own records! Records are great because they allow you to listen to your favourite bands, but they also look amazing displayed on a wall. If you own rare vinyl, you should definitely think of turning them into wall art. The same goes for your turntables, don’t hide it into a stand, make sure it is placed on a stable, flat surface for everybody to use and admire.

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Add a comfy seating area

Invest in a cosy sofa or chairs for your music room, not only for your benefit but for inviting over an audience if you wish to perform. Having furniture is also good to absorb the sound and can help with soundproofing. You may also want to sit on a comfortable chair when playing the guitar!

Make it funky!

A music room shouldn’t be boring! Add colourful décor such as a rug, a music poster, original lightning but also some plants. Not only, they’re good for your health, they also add a little touch of nature to your room and help with sound absorption. If you’re thinking of getting some storage, maybe get something unique or colourful to add a little touch of funkiness to your room. 

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