How to Clean Your Home’s Gutters – and How a Gutter Guard Saves You Having To


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When was the last time you climbed up a ladder to check your roof’s gutters? If it’s been awhile and you don’t have a gutter guard installed, then chances are you may be starting to get a build up of leaves, dirt and muck. 

No matter what time of year it is, keeping your gutters clean is a chore that needs to be done. Knowing how to clean your gutters (and how a gutter guard will save you having to do it in the first place) is one of those important things that all homeowners need to know. Choosing is one of the best way to clean your gutter.

Why do my home’s gutters need to be cleaned?

Leaves, weeds, nests, dirt and muck all accumulate on your roof over time. Wind, rain and snow will drive these into your gutters, and cause blockages. A blocked gutter means the water can’t flow freely, so it’ll end up running over the side of the gutter down your walls to the foundations, where it will pool and potentially flood lower levels of the house. If left to pool, this water can cause damage to your home’s foundations. 

If gutters are left uncleared, they will eventually start to rot and get holes. Not only will this cause muck to leak out down around your home, but snakes, bugs, birds, pests and other vermin may be able to access your roof and ceilings. 

How often do my home’s gutters need to be cleaned?

You should check your home’s gutters twice yearly, which will keep you ahead of any issues that could be developing. Clearing any leaves that are sitting in them and any build up of debris will stop blockages from developing. 

How do I clean my home’s gutters?

Step 1: Position your ladder

Set your ladder up next to the downpipe, and climb up. Make sure the ladder is secure and not wobbly. Ideally, have a second person on the ground holding it to make sure you don’t fall. 

Step 2: Clear the top of the downpipe

Clean anything that’s clogging the top and preventing water from running down the pipe – if you’ve had a blockage there, you may need to keep clearing it out until any water sitting in the gutter runs easily down it. 

Step 3: Move along the gutter

Make your way along the gutter. Clean out any dirt, debris, muck and leaves that you find into a plastic bag or bucket. 

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Step 4: Scrape any smaller debris out

You may find smaller, built-up debris that’s hard to shift by hand. This is where a paint scraper will come in handy; use it to remove any muck that’s caked on. 

Step 5: Wash out your gutters

The final step is to use a hose to wash out your gutters – a high pressure setting will help you blast out any remaining muck that could cause a blockage. Use the hose to move any remnants down the gutter into the downpipe. 

How can I avoid having to clean my home’s gutters?

Cleaning your home’s gutters is a chore, and not a favourite one for many homeowners. If it’s the last thing you want to do, you really only have two options:

  • Hire someone else to do it for you
  • Install a gutter guard to prevent having to do it at all

Hiring someone else to clean your gutters twice yearly will add up in the long run, and comes with risk to you if they fall from the roof while on your property. The safer option, and one that will prove more cost-effective in the long run, is to install a gutter guard. This will save you the hassle, time and risk completely. 

Save money and time with a gutter guard

A gutter guard is a fine aluminium mesh product designed specifically to fit over top of you gutter. It stops anything from getting into the gutter that could cause a blockage. This means no more cleaning gutters!

To get the full benefit from a gutter guard, ensure that you have it installed professionally, otherwise you run the risk of having a sub-standard product that may let you down when you need it the most. For peace of mind, and one less home maintenance job, install a gutter guard and keep your house protected all year round.

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