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How to Clean Your Bathroom Quickly But Effectively

Bathrooms. Urg!

No household chore is more dreaded than tackling a dirty bathroom. And for sure, no one loves doing such tasks. From soap scum and mildew to hair, dirt, and stains, cleaning a bathroom isn’t an easy task.

That being said, cleaning a bathroom is a task we must perform regularly to keep it healthy and clean. And it’s not that hard; once you get used to doing it, it becomes less strenuous. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to clean your bathroom quickly and efficiently.

Step 1: Remove Items That Don’t Belong in the Bathroom

To effectively clean your bathroom fast, you’ll first need to remove any item that doesn’t belong there. Start by removing trash cans, cups, clothes, empty bottles, etc. While such items may not stain your bathroom, they make it look untidy, even when clean.
Remove Items That Don’t Belong in the Bathroom

Step 2: Dust and Sweep

Dusting your bathroom is very important, and it makes your cleaning work easier. Start by removing cobwebs in the corners and vents of your bathroom using a duster with a long handle.

Once done, vacuum or sweep the floor to pick up any dust and debris that may have settled on the floor. If sweeping is not done, stepping on the floor leaves dirty marks and it’s easy to spread this dirt to the other rooms.

Step 3: Clean the Shower

Take the shower from the top and dip the head in vinegar for a considerable amount of time. Then remove it and rinse it in water.

If your shower has mold and mildew build-up, you’ll need to spray it with an effective shower cleaner to remove mold and mildew stains. Mold and mildews are common evils in household bathrooms and if not dealt with, they can cause serious health implications.

If the showerhead is clogged with hard water or soap scum, soak it in vinegar overnight. Then scrub the water holes with an old toothbrush the following day. Don’t forget to give the shower door and curtain a spin.

Step 4: Clean the Walls, Ceiling & Tiles

Spray the walls, tiles, countertops, and the ceiling with an all-purpose cleaner. Once done, allow for a few minutes before scrubbing.
Clean the Walls, Ceiling & Tiles
If you have got lime and build-up in the sink, bathtub, or on the floor, damp those areas slightly, then apply any scrub powder such as Comet. Give it 10 to 15 minutes to lessen the dirt before using a hard brush to remove all accumulated dirt and stains.

Step 5: Clean the Toilet

Place your liquid or granulated toilet cleaner in the bowl and let the cleaner do its work. Standing time is necessary to dissolve stains and kill germs, so don’t cut it short.

If you don’t have a brush or the one at hand is mashed or flattened, you may want to get a new one with tough bristles to scrub the bow effectively. Once you’ve allowed the cleaner enough time to remove the dirt, use the brush to scrub and scour away any deposits.

Next, use a disinfectant spray cleaner or any antibacterial cleaner to spray the toilet seat, rims, lid, tank, as well as the bowel exterior. Don’t forget to wipe the toilet seat and the bowel exterior with a wet, clean cloth.

That’s it! You’ve successfully cleaned and disinfected your bathroom.

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