How to Clean Skylights like a Pro?

Do you feel that your skylights are appearing a tad bit dingy and dirty? How many times have you wanted those clear skylights but have failed to reach it? Skylights are perhaps one of the most prolific highlights of our interior décor. Repairing your skylight can be challenging so be sure to hire the right professionals such as Clear-Vue Skylights.

They are extremely perceptible and one of the first things that meet the eye and creates that impression. Good skylights are essential in maintaining the optimum ambiance, according to Buildworld’s post on the skylight.

Dirty skylights are not precisely the ambiance’s aim and equally contribute to the entire vista’s diminishing impressions. What exactly then is the solution to this conundrum?

Skylight cleaning can be one of the toughest chores, and it is generally advisable to solicit professional help. In an age ruled by DIYers, the following tips can come in handy while cleaning skylights.

Gather Your Materials

The first thing to do in such a situation is to gather a long rod and some cleaning agents. Along with this, you might need both wet and dry towels. While using a dry cloth, make sure to use a microfiber cloth that can clean properly without causing too many scratches on the surface.

Staircase with skylight and baby room.

Get the Area Ready and Covered

To prepare the area, make sure that the area directly under the skylights is properly covered, and a tarp is placed on the floor directly beneath the skylight. This will ensure that the falling debris is not dirtying the surrounding area. Soon after this, you will have to get a bucket full of warm soapy water and directly clean the area by mopping the skylight with the extension cord/pole and cloth tied to the end.

Dry Sweep First

Generally, directly applying damp cloth or mopping with a wet cloth can be a terrible idea. This is because a wet or a damp cloth can instantly turn the dust to slimy muck. This becomes even harder to clean, and generally, there are traces left even after thoroughly cleaning it. Therefore, it is advisable to sweep the overhead area with a dry cloth first and make sure the dirt is removed.

Gentle Wash Later

A gentle wash with soap and water is essential for a wholesome cleaning. Since most of the skylights are made on false ceilings or embedded in wooden panels, an ammonia-based cleaner might be a bad idea.

This is because ammonia reacts with the wooden surface to cause cracks to develop inside the wooden panels. This compromises the structural integrity of the entire panel. It is advisable to substitute your cleaning agents with warm water and liquid dishwashing soap solution for the best results.

Clean Skylights2

Rinse Well

Tougher stains tend to stay put despite a thorough cleanse. So, once the entire panel is clean, it is imperative to empty the dirty water from the bucket and replace it with fresh water. Similarly, the dirtied rag must be replaced with a clean one.

Moisten the cloth in the bucket by dipping it and gently wipe the entire surface. This is important for cleaning tougher stains and ensuring there is no soap residue left out. You must repeat the whole process until the skylight is completely clean.

Tap it Dry Again

Once again, it is necessary not to leave the moisture or water behind after rinsing the surface. To eliminate this, you should dab it with a dry cloth and tap it clear. Wetter surfaces must be a priority in this regard.

The clean, dry cloth will minimize streaking and remove excess water and moisture from the panel. This is important so that the wood does not succumb to mold or weakening of the wood due to moisture.


Although this process can help you eliminate the dirt entirely and satisfactorily clear the skylights, there are risks. If you are not sure that you can reach the ceiling or are not confident about the entire process, there is no need to endanger yourself. In such a case, refrain from the additional burden and solicit professional assistance. But, if you can reach to the ceiling here is a youtube video from Bill Cullins, where he explains about Skylight cleaning, and how to make them super sparkling clean.

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