How to Clean Chair Cushion?


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Who doesn’t love to have a comfy chair cushion? Especially a chair on a boat deck. But the dirty one not at all!

Apparently, the stained cushion will spread germ that can lead to disease. Also, dirty cushion lost its appearance. If you use it in such a condition, it will not last for a long time, whereas the clean chair cushion can use for long periods.

So, does your chair cushion need to be cleaned? But don’t know how to clean – then this article would help you.

Besides, maybe, you don’t have much penny to buy things in after some months of using. Or if you have, doesn’t mean all the time you must buy things- it’s not worthy for you. You could save all the money which you’re thinking of spending on cleaning stuff and instead you can go shopping.

Now’s the time to freshen up your chair cushion before it spread allergy and stink. You can either hire some pro upholstery cleaning services or you can do it yourself at home too. While most of the seat cushions can’t be tossed directly into the washing machine, you can do the task without even taking them from your porch or patio!

Read on for the how-to.

Best way to Clean Chair Cushion

Taking care of your car is important if you want it to last a long time and avoid ending up in the Junkyard too soon. Here’s some easy tips for you to follow:

Pick up any debris

Clean Chair Cushion
It’s crucial to keep your chair cleaned; nevertheless, it gets dustier. As a result, you need to give much effort to clean the furniture.

So whenever you see any debris or solid dust on the chair, remove it as soon as possible. Don’t give the particle much time to set on the fabric. Use a clean cloth or paper towel to grab the dust. And don’t rub it as your force on the solid into the fabric, make more attach with it.

Face up the liquid debris

The accident happens- no matter how careful you are, liquid falls on the fabric- and you can’t stop. But you can take a step initially to remove the liquid spill. All you need a wet cloth. With the damp cloth blot the affected place to sponge up as much as spill you can. If you follow this instruction, the stain won’t set on it.

Removing of stains

Clean Chair Cushion1
Some stains are stubborn that can’t be removed in a usual way. Don’t bother yourself. Luckily, we have some tricks that are really fantastic to handle this problem.

Chewing gum– put ice cream on the affected place. Leave it until hardens, and then take out this slowly with the help of a spoon.

Ink stain– rubbing alcohol is the best to remove it. Whenever it falls, immediately use 90% rubbing alcohol by dubbing with a clean cloth.

Oily stain– to remove it, sprinkle some cornstarch onto the seat. Wait for 10-15 minutes and then wipe it with a damp clean cloth.

Hence, if your cushion is made of rather than cotton or linen, then don’t be a superhero to clean it yourself! Go for the dry cleaning.

Make your cleaning solution

Yes, you can do it yourself. All of the ingredients are available in your kitchen! And of course, this method is quite common.

You merely need vinegar and water. First, take an equal part of vinegar and warm water into a spray bottle. Then shake it well to mix up properly. After that, spray onto the seat and let the solution for 5-10 minutes to soak within it. Now wash it with a wipe-clean cloth. If the stain is visible, then repeat the process.

Also, you can only use apple cider or white vinegar. Just soak a cloth into it, then rub gently on the cushion to clean.

Alternatively, you can use baking soda and water. Take 2 to 3-spoon of baking soda, add some water to make a paste. Then apply it on the stain. And clean with a cloth.

Clean with upholstery cleaner

Clean Chair Cushion2
If you don’t have much time to make a homemade solution or none of the methods of stain cleaning work, go with the commercial product. Before you buy, be sure the product won’t hurt your chair fabric. Otherwise wrong cleaner can leads to discoloration of the material.

To use the cleaner spray on the fabric and wait for a moment to settle down, then take a cloth to blot on the stain, or you can rub gently in a circular motion to get a clean chair cushion.

For outdoor chair cushion, you can apply fabric protector if you don’t want to wash it often. For example-Scotch Gard™ can save the cushions from bugs.

Whatever you used to clean, do not forget to dry the chair cushion.

Vacuuming your chair cushion

If you are in a rush or you need general cleaning- use your vacuum cleaner with upholstery attachments. Even regular vacuuming should be done to keep your upholstery from dirt.

Many upholstery cleaners are found in out there. These are featured to treat dirt, hair, and stains obtained on the fabric material. We want to recommend you to purchase a vacuum cleaner if you don’t have. Also, you can go with the handheld vacuum cleaner too. Cleaning with it requires less time.

Now, when you’re vacuuming, start it from the top and run it right to the left- then go the bottom line. These tricks will help you to lift dirt, especially from the corduroy, silk, or velvet type fabric.

Using a steam cleaner

It is another way to get the ultimate clean chair cushion as it can use to sanitize any fabric furniture. You can buy a quality steam cleaner if you don’t have a problem to spend much penny. Either you may consider renting a steam cleaner for the cleaning. These can be hired from the hardware shop, or you can check online for a local supplier.

Basically, the steam cleaner uses heat to sanitize your cushion and also deodorize it. Before you start to steaming, you should vacuum the cushion ( ensure the attachment you use on the vacuum cleaner that must suit on your chair fabric).

Next up, prepare the steam cleaner. Take warm water and a small amount of soap into the container of the machine. Do not use excess soap because it is easy to clean with a little amount of mild detergent. In contrast, excess soap removes from the fabric much critical.

Once you have finished the steam, your chair seat will be damp so that you need to dry up it by giving direct sunlight, using a fan, or using a blow dryer.
Cleaning in this way, you’ll be super happy to see have like a brand new chair cushion!

Final verdict

Nothing will remain neat and clean like new. But your cleaning maintenance makes it lasting, shiny than usual.

So we hope you try these above tricks and get your desire chair cushion. Lastly, you may don’t need all the steps at a time. Just understand which one is good for you. And let me know in the comment box- if I missed any tips that are used to clean chair cushion.

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