How to Choose Window Planter Boxes



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Before you think of planting your own balcony flower garden, you first need to know how to plant a window box. And for that, it is essential that you have the right supplies and accessories. To select suitable outdoor window planters, you need to know the main features of these types and their various materials, shapes and sizes. There are some simple recommendations that will allow you to make the right choice and use such pots for more than one season.


  • If you want to choose simple boxes, then pay attention to the mount. It can be purchased in a set or purchased separately. Mounts allow you to fix the drawers to the railing on the balcony or to the window eaves. Many growers choose metal boxes, because this is a more reliable option but heavy.
  • In the box should be holes in the bottom. This will avoid stagnant water and minimize the risk of root rot. Flower boxes without holes can cause problems after watering. Therefore, place in them not plants with soil, but separate small pots with a special mixture.
  • It is better to choose more expensive, but durable and lightweight plastic containers from manufacturers specializing in garden products. These products are not afraid of intense sunlight and provide optimal conditions for flowers. Most containers are equipped with holes for water flow or double bottom, protecting the plant from moisture loss and overheating.

hanging box for flowers

  • If you want a hanging box for flowers, then choose a narrower model that goes longer. This will allow you to grow several plants in one row (make sure they are compatible, if it is of different types). Hanging drawers can hang on a metal chain or rope. Remove hanging brackets and you can put this box on the wide parapet of the balcony. The earth in the box will make it steady and your floral arrangement will not fall under the gust of wind.
  • To make your flowers feel comfortable, choose the right color of the box. So, on the south side light containers will be required, because the dark ones will attract the sun’s rays, which will lead to overheating of the plants. The color of the boxes can also have aesthetic value – especially if your balcony or loggia is decorated in the same style.
  • Experts recommend choosing boxes with a width of no more than 20 centimeters and no longer than 1 meter. These sizes are most convenient for the decoration of PVC windows.
  • There are also boxes with automatic watering for hotter regions, where rains are rare. This is a two-layer box, where there is a tube and a specific water tank. This will allow your flowers to always get the required level of moisture through the tube from the tank, and you will add water there once a week or once a month.

Choose low plants and flowers for such boxes. Best of all it will be lush plants with large bright colors. Such boxes can also be an excellent choice for growing fresh greens or seedlings of other plants. Most often, growers prefer plastic boxes, because such items are very light and they are not exposed to temperature fluctuations, so the plant will be safe from excessive stress. Other boxes may heat up in the sun, which will give the plant roots excessive heat and cause them to dry out or rot.

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