How to Choose Upholstery of the Furniture

Color scheme and design

The first criterion, which is not subject of discussion and criticism, is the color scheme and design. The upholstery of furniture should be in harmony in color and style of the interior. But often you don’t even know what interesting transformations will occur with the sofa you like if you put it on a different fabric and choose a different color scheme.

Kids and pets- what upholstery is the best?

To a greater or lesser extent, any upholstery can be affected by children or pets. Your task is to secure furniture as much as possible and choose the most resistant upholstery fabrics. Most sellers will immediately offer you a flock – it is good, first of all, in the house where the cats live. Modern flocs of a new generation in their composition contain materials due to which dirt is repelled, it is easy and simple to clean them from almost any type of pollution.A good option for a house with animals is smooth upholstery: micro-velour, velour, flock.
Kids and pets- what upholstery is the best

Therefore, in the house with the kids, the upholstery fabrics should be cleaned well: children often just spill something, drop and stain, or even draw with felt-tip pens or experiment with fingerprints. Flock, faux leather, and micro-velour will come to the rescue as the most-easily cleanable upholstery options. And you, of course, should read some information about the cleaning of the upholstery, you can read this article that will help you in this complicated mission.

Tapestries – Strong and Rigid

Probably the closest to natural fabrics is a tapestry – a rather tough and durable material, in the manufacture of which thick threads are used. Modern tapestries will serve you faithfully for a long time, they will be quite easy to care for, but they are also loved by pets.

Jacquards – textured and spectacular

The fabric is dense, wear-resistant, tactilely pleasant, holds its shape well. Jacquard can look completely different, but always noticeably different from other types of upholstery. High abrasion resistance and good density allow this type of fabric to be attributed to durable. Yes, maybe it isn’t cleaned so well and doesn’t save itself from pet attacks, but how beautiful it is!

Velours – soft and gorgeous

It is a smooth, luxurious fabric, it is always fine to the touch. It is rather unpretentious in care and possesses the increased wear resistance. The variety of even this material is amazing – it can be embossed, unusually combed on a stencil, or laid out in the form of intricate designs.
Velours – soft and gorgeous

Leather -chic and natural

The high cost of genuine leather is due, first of all, to the fact that a piece of leather is initially heterogeneous – it has spots, scuffs, and different thicknesses. Therefore, it can be used for furniture, manufactory only a small part in the middle. Take a closer look at the furniture made of genuine leather – it is made of pieces expertly stacked together in different designs of sofas and armchairs.

You can look here for some good-quality leather pieces.

The advantages of this type of upholstery can be called, first of all, status, spectacular appearance, and naturalness.

Minuses are familiar to many: unpleasant tactile sensations when touching with open parts of the body in the heat and cold.

It requires careful care, and over time, of course, scratches and scuffs appear, which are especially visible on light products.

You can read here more about right caring for the leather upholstery that will help to maintain it longer.

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