How To Choose The Right Lighting For Your Living Room


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If you are giving your living room a makeover then lighting is going to be a key area of consideration for you. It is important that you don’t make the light fixtures an afterthought, but instead use them to help you create the style which you are looking to achieve here. Whether shopping in a traditional way or through an online lighting store, you are likely to be overwhelmed by the range of choices available, giving you some tough decisions. 

In many households the living room is the place where most people spend their time, and it is an area which is likely to see a lot of visitors. With this in mind it is critical that you get your style choices right, and here is how to get the perfect lighting for this space. 

Considering The Size of The Space

It is always important to remember just how much lighting can impact the feeling of space and size within a room. For this reason your lighting choice should be driven by the size of the living room. If you have a large room with high ceilings then smaller lighting fixtures can easily get lost within the space. Conversely, a small room can feel cluttered with larger light fittings or with lighting that doesn’t reach all corners of the space. 

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Fitting in With Theme of The Room

The theme which you have decided upon is what will dictate the furniture you buy, the color scheme which you use and also the kind of lighting which you plan to bring into the room. For this reason, it is important to decide upon a theme before you begin to look at lighting options, so that you can get the right selection of lamps and ceiling lighting which you need. 

Single Option or Multiple Features

In some cases, you may be happy with a large lighting fixture overhead, and nothing else. With this being said however, may like to mix up their lighting options in the home, using a large light accompanied by smaller lamps or spotlights. When lighting is combined it gives you the chance to create different moods in the room, depending on what exactly you are using it for. Items such as lamps can be added at a later date of course, but deciding now makes more sense so that you can purchase fixtures which match the lamps which you are going to bring in. 

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Budget Considerations

And finally, as is the case with all purchases for a makeover, we have to consider what kind of budget it is that you have for the lighting. There is little point in planning to buy a large chandelier fixture to fill a room with high ceilings, if your budget simply doesn’t stretch that far. There is a range of options to fit any budget when it comes to lighting choices however, the difference will be the quality of the materials which you buy. In the case of a chandelier for example, it may be that you are able to purchase something similar which has plastic shards rather than crystal. 

These are four key considerations which you must make before you go looking for lighting in the home, and you should make them in the order in which we have presented. In doing this you will be able to ensure that once your room is finished, the lighting choice perfectly fits in with the rest of the room and works well in the space that you have. 

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