How to Choose the Right Decking Material


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Have you made the decision that this is the year you’re going to take control of your backyard, make it a more enjoyable space, and add that deck you’ve been dreaming about? A deck acts as the perfect place to get together with friends, cook and enjoy a meal with family, and just relax in the warm summer sun in the privacy of your yard. Besides taking the time to think about the size and layout of the deck, you also want to be sure you are giving thought to the decking material you choose. This factor alone can help to determine just how much you love the end result.

Find the perfect deck material on they provide sustainable bamboo products for interior and exterior. Here’s a look at the top things to consider as you are picking what decking material to use.

What Are the Main Types of Material?

Most people are familiar with wood decks, but there are many other options as well. Sure, wood may end up being your top choice, but you at least want to be aware of the other options out there. 

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Some of the most common decking materials include:

You may want to look at examples of each to get a better idea of how they would look and perform.

What’s Your Budget?

Then there is your budget, which will likely be a huge factor in the decision-making process. Building a new deck can be expensive, so you want to be sure you’re always keeping budget in mind. This may mean using a more affordable material, or making the deck a little smaller and less involved.

What Type of Maintenance Do You Want to Deal With?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a completely maintenance-free decking material; they all require some amount of maintenance. With that said, some materials require a lot more work than others. It’s important to be honest about how much work, care, and money you want to put into the deck each year.

Do You Want a Slip-Free Surface?

This one is especially important for those who have a water feature in their yard, or who have young kids. Some materials are not as slippery when wet, or with wet feet, and you may want to choose your material based on that factor.

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Decking Material That Is Resistant to Rot and Insects

Insects and rot are something that can do a real number on your deck, which means expensive repairs on your end. If that’s not something you want to deal with, you will want to look for materials that are resistant to rot and insects.

What is the Longevity of the Material?

Finally, it’s a good idea to consider how long the decking material will last. Is this something you will need to replace in a few years, or with care and maintenance can it be a decking material that lasts 15-20 years?

A Deck You Love and Get Lots of Use Out Of

Using all these considerations, you’ll be able to choose a decking material that fits your needs and lifestyle, as well as your budget.

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