How to Choose the Right Chair Mat for Home Office

We are in such a situation that we can not go outside. The pandemic has affected us so badly that we are bound to stay at home for our own safety. Covid-19 has made us stay inside the house. Initially, we had to stay at homes without working. But gradually, the offices, businesses have been in such a situation that they are bound to get back to work. But for safety measures, people started to work from their respective homes.

To be very honest, we have always wanted to have a system which will allow us to work from home. Although Covid-19 has brought enormous amount of bad news, still it can be named as a good thing that people have got the permission to work from home. Now, when people work from home, they do the exact same thing that they do when they are at office. They sit at chairs for 8 hours.

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When they sit at home for hours, the floor of their home may get damaged. Let’s be honest, maximum number of people have faced this. They have been sitting at exactly that place each and everyday for 8 hours since quite a few months. This has certainly caused damage. Also, there are lots of people who are a bit heavier than others. We have been sitting in our homes for months, this has caused light people to become heavy as well. When heavy people sit on the chair for 8 hours long for months, the floor is obviously damaged. Not only that, sitting on a chair for hours, specially when you are a heavy, it causes you physical issues. You will have backpain or leg strain because of rolling the chair for too long.

Solution? Only one solution- that is using chair mats. Chair mats will certainly protect your floor. Also, it is healthy because it will help reducing the back pain or leg strain. Now, there are quite a few points you need to remember when you are going for the best chair mat for heavy person:

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  1. Floor type: The type of your floor is very essential. If your floor is hard surfaced (made of hardwood probably), then surely you should go for a smoother mat. If your floor is already carpeted, you can go for a cleated mat. If you have lots of electric equipments around, or have wirings, you should go for an anti static mat for your safety.
  2. Size: Size depends on various factors. Firstly, you need to measure your room size. You have to keep in mind that what proportion of the floor you want to cover. Also keep in mind the size of your chair and table.
  3. Design: This is obviously an important factor to look after. Because, you will see that design all day long. If the colour or design is too distracting, it will hamper your attention. You can go for a clear transparent mat so that you can see the floor underneath.
  4. Price: Well, this factor depends. Nobody knows what budget one has, all we can advise is that one should compare prices before buying. Remember, it certainly is such an investment you will never regret. So, make the best of it.
  5. Material: It depends on your budget, your floor type and your purpose. It also depends on how much weight you will put on it. Well, polycarbonate mats are the most highly rated ones. PVC mats are also quite famojs
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