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How to Choose the Perfect Fitted Kitchen

How to Choose the Perfect Fitted Kitchen

The kitchen is, arguably, the most important room in the house. It is not only where you cook, but often where you eat, entertain, and hold important conversations. Therefore, if you are planning to spend time and money on updating your kitchen, it is important to think carefully not only about what you want your kitchen to look like, but also how it is going to be used.


Budget is the first thing to consider when choosing a new kitchen. There is no point in setting your hopes on a specific kitchen if it is out of budget. Once you’ve decided on a realistic budget, you can look at the options available and make a decision from there.



Think about where your kitchen is. Is it North or South facing? Does it receive lots of natural light or is it quite gloomy? It may be that you will need new windows as part of your kitchen upgrade, or if that’s not possible, you may need to think about how else to optimise lighting. Spotlights and under cupboard lighting are both useful additions above workspaces. If your kitchen is small or dark, opt for a lighter colour scheme to open and brighten it up.


Consider how much space you have to work with, and whether you will need to extend. If this is the case, you will need to look into building regulations and planning permission before you start. Consider how to make the most of your space and how you intend to use it. If you need space to manoeuvre, open plan may be best; if you will need extra worktop space, an island is a good use of extra space; if you have a small kitchen, you may need extra or inventive storage solutions.

Family & Guests

How many people, and who, will regularly use your kitchen? If you like to entertain, you will need plenty of seating and surface space, and possibly an open plan set-up. If you have children, or will regularly have children visiting, it is a good idea to choose easy to clean surfaces, and ensure there is plenty of off-the-floor storage or cupboard space to prevent accidents. 



Perhaps most importantly, you should consider how much you cook, and what type of cooking you do. If you cook lots, a large oven and plenty of worktop space is essential, as is storage for utensils. You may also wish to add extra cooking aids such as warming drawers or integrated appliances.


When you know the practicalities, you can decide on a style. Whether you want a sleek and modern design, or a more cosy, traditional kitchen, fitted kitchens can be customised with a range of finishing touches to fit your personal style. 

When having a new kitchen fitted, make sure you choose a professional and trustworthy company to complete the work. This will ensure that work is completed to the highest standard with quality materials. They will also make sure that all work meets legal and safety requirements.

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