How to Choose Swimming Pool Color


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If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, the best thing you can do is give it the right color. A swimming pool improves your home’s feasibility and value, and as such, you should ensure it is well maintained and of good quality.

Selecting the best color for your swimming pool may be quite challenging, given that water is transparent. You should choose the best color for different swimming pool parts, such as the plaster, decking, and coping. Also, when selecting the ideal shade for your pool, you should consider the current trends.  

Types of tints for swimming pool

Swimming Pool Color

When you want to make your swimming pool feasible, you should research more to develop the best color pattern that matches your outdoor, if possible. You have to be smart in choosing primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.

  • Primary colors: these include blue, yellow, and red
  • Secondary colors: include purple, green, and orange
  • Tertiary colors: they include colors like yellow-green, light-blue, red-purple, yellow-orange, and many others

Ask for the best color combination from swimming pool experts. You can also go for Chemical-free & hot tub cleaning to ensure your swimming pool is always in perfect condition. When you choose the right color combination for your swimming pool, you can create an ideal mood that improves your compound’s outlook. When selecting the best color for your swimming pool, you should look for the accent color and the primary color.

The main or primary color forms the foundation or scheme of the swimming pool. For a foundation color, it helps balance the foundation color, creating visual interest in the backyard. 

When picking the color for your swimming pool, you should look at your backyard and the surrounding. You can consider factors such as the color of your house exterior, sky color, shadows from trees, and depth of your swimming pool.

You can look around your home and spot a dominant color in the backyard. What color is your fence, and the architectural design of your house? You should consider all these before landing on a specific color for the swimming pool.

What colors should you choose?

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  • Blue: this is the most common swimming pool color because it matches well with transparent water. It makes your swimming pool look fresh and clean. You can choose different hues of blue for your swimming pool.
  • Black: if you want to keep the water temperature high all season, this is the right color for you.
  • Gray: you get shades of gray by combining black and white. When you choose this color, your swimming pool will look like seawater, making it more interesting to swim in.
  • White: most swimming pool owners would choose white if they intend to maintain the swimming pool temperature. White outlines the key features of your pool and brings them out for people to see.

When choosing the best color for your swimming pool, you can consider the factors we have highlighted in this article. You can also reach out to an expert in swimming pools for more tips on choosing swimming pool colors.

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