How to Choose Right Office Furniture: Expert Guide


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When you casually think about it, choosing the right furniture for your office isn’t a big deal. However, everything begins to change when you put things to perspective, hit the market to shop around, and try to figure out how different items will fit into your space.

Even when it’s clear on your mind what you want for your office, it’s not always a rosy affair settling down in a new office or even relocating. This is further complicated by so many competing products in the market, which further complicates the decision-making process. In this article, we look at various considerations you need to make to help you choose the right furniture for your office.

Purpose/ Need

The office is no place for items to lie idle or used. In most cases, there is just enough space to accommodate everything and everyone. Every furniture piece, therefore, has to be purchased with a purpose.

Ensure that the furniture you purchase meets the basic needs of your office. For instance, you need chairs and desks for computers and people to work from. Ensure that they are comfortable enough, considering that they will be sitting down most of the day.

Choose the right height, material, and size for the tables too to ensure that your employees are comfortable working for long hours.


This is no doubt one of the most important factors to put into consideration. Bear in mind that this is will be an expensive investment that you don’t want to go back to each time. It’s therefore important you shop around for quality products that will serve the purpose for longer. 

You can evaluate your office furniture on a purpose and need basis. Chairs, for instance, are more prone to breakages whereas computer desks may lay in one position for a longer period. Regardless, good quality products ensure everyone’s safety, saves you money, and last longer.

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In the furniture market, there is something for every budget. Your budget has to put into consideration other requirements of setting up a business. You can have a financing model that will help you to take care of the most urgent needs and scale upwards over time. When you go shopping for office furniture, ensure that you compare prices from different vendors and also check out what’s on discount on items such as Danny’s desks Perth. Another common approach to staying within a given budget is going for second-hand products.

Aesthetic Value and Brand identity

Whether you are opening up a new business or looking for ways to grow your existing business, brand identity is will always play a key role. In purchasing furniture and fittings for your office, you can combine brand identity and aesthetics to maintain a certain theme. 

This approach may require that you get your furniture customized to fit your brand. Either way, branding your furniture is ultimately a good way of developing your brand at any stage. For a startup, this should be done carefully because the cost implications are huge, and making sudden changes along the way could hurt your budget.

Maximize Your Space

As you purchase your office furniture, have in mind the dimensions of space and how you want every item to fit in. At the very basic, you want your space to remain neat, organized, and accessible. With this in mind, you don’t want to have furniture that is too bulky and takes too much space. On the other hand, you wouldn’t want items that are too small that they don’t serve the purpose. 

While think about space, also put into consideration doors and spaces where the furniture needs to go through. Will it be fixed inside the office or will it come attached? Such considerations help you to minimize any challenges you have with your furniture.

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Practicality and Functionality

Small aspects such as properly opening and closing drawers or adjustable/movable seats could make a big difference in your working space. Such considerations should be part of buying options. 

A good example is that of office chairs. Ordinarily, a swivel seat that has caster wheels is more practical in the office. Modern seats have a curved back to enhance a healthy, sitting posture. Whereas aspects such as budget may determine decisions on the exact seats to be bought, all those considerations need to be considered.

The General Office Set-Up

There are various seating arrangements suitable for different kinds of jobs and spaces in the modern office environment. You will have some equipment for the openly shared space and for private offices. Also, considerations for shapes such as round tables, oval or rectangular for different rooms such as the boardrooms should also be part of the furniture. Accessibility of other amenities such as windows, switches, sockets, and even doors should also play a role in purchase your office furniture.


It’s good to take some time and figure out what exactly is most suitable for a new office. Most people are concerned about how much they will spend, without giving much thought to elements such as practicality or even how well the furniture suits their space. To some extent, the decision on the kind of furniture that is fit for an office may depend on where the company is along the growth path. Nonetheless, it’s advisable for startups to start at whatever point the budget allows and scale upwards over time.

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