How To Calculate Square Footage Of Your Room With These Tips



Trying to determine the true size of your home? For whatever reason, you need this measurement to be spot on. Calculating the square footage of a room is extremely difficult for those with little to no experience. Fortunately, experts have broken the process down to ensure the quickest, easiest, and most reliable square feet measurements. If you are measuring square footage for a home renovation project, it is crucial to follow the measurement tips provided in the content below. Just a minor miscalculation could result in buying too much or too little materials for a home remodeling project. Whatever the case may be, you will find the list of square footage measurement tips helpful.

Gather Your Measuring Tools

Fortunately, room measurements do not require a lot of tools or equipment. Basically, you need to implement this task with a quality tape measure. Why a quality tape measure? It is crucial to obtain the most accurate square feet measurement. A low-quality tape measurement may not be able to stand up to the test. A tiny flaw in the design could throw off the measurement by only a few centimeters, which is just enough to deliver a wrong measurement.

Tape measure designs include open reel, long, and case. You can choose from various materials, including metal, fabric, and fiberglass. Carpenters and other tradespeople tend to turn to the metal tape measure because of its easy-to-read markings, ergonomic design, retractability, and stiff tape. 

With your new tape measure in hand, you can move forward to the next step of the process. 


Start By Measuring Room Dimensions

This is a fairly straightforward step, as it requires basic measurements of the dimensions of your home. To break the process down further to ensure easy understanding and less confusion, measure two dimensions – length and width – of each room in your home. 

Finding the length of the room is to pinpoint the longest side. Place the tip of the measuring tape at the longest point in the room. If necessary, secure the end of the tape measure to the floor. Gradually extend the tape measure all the way across the room or to the opposite end of the room. This is the length measurement, which should be documented carefully. Check your measurement to ensure it is written down correctly.

Now, you need to find the width of the room. This time, you will need to pinpoint the shortest side of the room. Secure the tip of the tape measure to the floor and extend it all the way to the opposite side of the room. Document the width measurement for later use.

Learning how to measure house square footage does not need to be difficult or time-consuming. However, it will need to be done accurately, utilizing a quality, reliable tape measure.

Implement Square Footage Mathematical Formula

This step may be a bit confusing, but if you follow the mathematical formula – L x W – your measurement will be accurate. You simply multiple your length measurement by your width measurement to come up with the square footage in feet.

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