How to Build a Garage That is Fit for Purpose


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Undergoing the construction of a garage can be an exciting prospect. Whether the garage is going to be bolted onto your home, or created in a freestanding position, you’ll want to make all the right decisions. When you make the right decisions about the size and layout of your garage, you’ll end up with a usable and fully functional space.

Focus on the Size and Dimensions

To begin with, you need to know the size of the garage that you’ll be building. Is it going to be a freestanding double garage? Do you want it to be a single garage that’s joined on to your house? The size and dimensions of a garage may be predetermined by the authorities and building regulations. However, you must know what space you’re working with. The size of the garage will have an impact on what you can store in there and use the space for. You can measure up for your garage just as you would measure your home. After completing this calculation, you’ll end up with a space in square meters.

Think About the Flooring

Once you know the size of the garage, you then know how much flooring space you have. It’s critical to establish this, because this is going to impact all of your ideas and plans. For example, a smaller garage floor may mean that you need to focus on going higher with your storage as opposed to wider. You also need to start thinking about the finish for your garage floor. A concrete floor can be dusty and unusable. Ideally, you’ll get Garage Floors Mats installed as these can make the floor space more usable, and you’ll find they’ll make the floor much easier to clean. 

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Doors and Access

What kind of doors and access do you need for your garage? Are you looking at having an up and over garage door? Or are you keen to have side-by-side doors that open out? How much space do you have outside of your garage for access? Considering your access and entry points is essential because you’ll want to be able to utilize the whole garage space. You don’t want doors or access to restrict your usable space. Measuring an opening, or measuring for a garage door is a simple job when there’s a door in place, and one that can be done on your own. If there’s no door, or no mockup of a door, you may need assistance in getting accurate measurements.

Storage with Organization

It is important that your newly constructed garage is well organized. To make this happen, you’ll need to invest in good storage. Fit-for-purpose storage and organization can allow you to utilize the height and the width of your garage. Clever storage can even act as a work bench. When you’re looking at storage and organizing, think about what’s going to go where. Visualize where your tools will go. Establish where you’ll keep gardening tools and equipment. 

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