How To Bring Fine Dining Experience to Your Home



Fine dining experience is an experience of full-service restaurants with specific dedicated meal courses. It usually consists of the higher-quality materials that bring high class ambience.  Fine dining is usually characterized by use of tablecloth with white color, linen napkin, and also the use of fine dining cutlery that usually follow the rule of formal dinnerware setting. 

Fine dining restaurants are usually a choice when there is a celebration for the couple like a wedding anniversary or maybe just business work. The pandemic of COVID-19 makes us unable to go outside home, hence we are unable to go to  fine dining. But don’t worry, you can celebrate your sweet moment with your family, friend, or colleague at home. Here’s the tips to make you able to bring fine dining experience at home:

Setting Of The Dining Room

Setting the dining room can begin from the color you choose to set the mood for the celebration. You can use the classic colors like whites and neutral colors for more formal occasions or go bravely with the mix of bright colors with patterns to let your wildest style be explored. These colors can be applied in tablecloth, mixing and matching dinnerware, linen and accent colors and patterns. The fine dining restaurant is famous for the use of white-tablecloth in the restaurants. The restaurants are famous with featured table service by servers and the tables are covered by white tablecloths. 

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Setting Of The Cutlery

For a formal dinner that will make your dinner experience like in the fine dining restaurant, you can place a dinner plate in the centre of the setting and you can place forks to the left of the plate and knives and spoons to the right. It will be used starting from the outside. You also must place the  knife blades in a certain direction, the knife will be facing towards the plate and the fork will be facing upwards.

The placement of the napkin is also crucial because if the  folded napkin is  simple,  place it on the side plate. If you are folding it in a more complex way then put it in the centre of the setting or on the side plate. Don’t forget to place the water glass and wine glass to the right of the place setting just above the table knife. You must differentiate the glass for white and red wine. Those are the rules of dinnerware that must be followed to make the fine dining experience work.

Add Crucial Component

You can add the crucial component such as the component that has natural vibes because it can help to prevent the tabletop from looking too plain. Beside that, the use of natural themes also can go perfectly with a variety of different styles. You can add a few freshly cut flowers such as roses, lilies, or daisies that you can arrange in a vase to create a fresh ambience. Beside the vases, you also must consider the aromatic diffuser to use in the dining room because the fragrant room will elevate the value of the room and also can make you and your partner more relaxed with the aromatherapy fragrance. You also can use the candle light or dim the light to make the situation become more intimate. But, make sure that your kitchen is already well lit in the first place. Dark kitchen will give out sorrowful vibes and even with the help of candles, it will not help. Don’t forget to prepare the food that is suitable for fine dining from appetizer to dessert.

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Use The Dresscode

The use of the dress code is important to make the fine dining experience at home become more real and close enough with the real fine dining situation. Business casual is one of the common choices. The other dress code that you can choose is casual, elegant or formal attire. You and your partner can decide what kind of dress code that you both want in a fine dining experience at home.

The most common dress code that people use at fine dining restaurants such as Khakis and button-down collared shirts is suitable for men. Ladies can wear skirts or day dresses with matching colors that have already been discussed. You can elevate the look and become the casual elegant look by dressed-up like a dinner guest in a real restaurant while wearing a dark suit or button-down with a sports coat for men. And for women, the more formal black dress or pantsuit would be perfect and will be suitable to combine it with jewelry. You can also wear formal suits such as evening gowns for women, while men should wear elegant jackets and ties. To make the ambience more realistic, avoid using athletic shoes, flip-flops, shorts and T-shirts moreover the outfit that you use everyday at home will be a big no for this fine dining experience at home.


The pandemic of COVID-19 makes us isolated in our home with the same experiences and activities everyday. Although the times will fly and we are still at home, we must keep celebrating our special day with family and friends on certain days of the year, so we must celebrate those events at home. To make the celebration more memorable, you can bring the fine dining experience at home. The few tips that will help you to make it happen are : you must set the room and also the dining table to be like in the restaurant, the setting of cutlery can also help to bring the ambience too. Beside that, you can add the other component and maybe you can use the specific dress code to make the ambience become more real.

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