How to Add a View in Your Home

If your home lacks a nice and exciting outdoor living space, a deck might be the easiest solution for this. It may sound tedious and expensive, but it is actually not and so much worth it. So, if you’re decided to make adding a deck your next home project, check out these tips to consider:

Think Hard of What to Get – Deck or Patio

Not all spaces are meant to have a deck. Some look better with a patio. You have to decide this first. A combination of both might even be the better option so you can take advantage of really having an outdoor area and take advantage of the view from your home. At the basic level, a deck is perfect for houses in elevated locations. If your house sits on a basement, a deck will be a nice option because it can be elevated up to the level want or need.

A patio is going to be costlier, but the right option if your ground level is right at the doorway. If you cannot decide which one and want both, running your deck towards a patio is also a good alternative. Why not? If you have the Mount Peel as the sight you can see outside, then by all means build both and take advantage of that! Nobody can judge you for that.
Think Hard of What to Get – Deck or Patio

Think of the Purpose

What is your deck or patio for? Is it mainly for looking at the great view outside or smelling the night’s air? Do you want it to be multipurpose – where you can eat, cook and even hang out? Depending on the purpose, you can plan out the budget as well as the things you will decorate the deck with. If you have extra and this will fit your intention, then you can invest in a fire pit, add a small kitchen, install an outdoor TV, and many more. The sky’s a limit. If however, the intention is to just reflect and meditate while looking at again, Mount Peel (because why not?) after a long day, an outdoor table and some chairs might be enough.

Explore Your Material Options

Before building your deck or patio, have a picture of what you want it to look like. You can pull something off the internet or just design one on your own. Determine if you want wood or composite boards if you are building a deck. Both have their good and bad sides, but they all boil down to personal preference and intention. Then, think of the shade you want to add. Do you want large umbrellas or want something much more elaborate? Building a deck can be simple if you want it to look basic, but if you want it much more elaborate, it can feel as if you are building a house. Either way, there’s no judgement, just have fun and maximize the use of your deck once done!
Explore Your Material Options

Check if you need permit

Building permits might be secured first before starting your deck or patio projects. Depending on the size of your project or the area where you live, permits will have to be secured first. You do not want to land into trouble just because you want to maximize your Mount Peel view.

Outdoor living is a trend lately and this is not surprising. Who would not want to increase their living space outside and feast their eyes on gorgeous landscapes while drinking something hot? Good weather should be enjoyed to the fullest too but you can never always go out just to do that – add a deck or a patio!

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