How Steel Buildings Save Money after Construction

Steel buildings are economical for almost every low-rise construction project. Affordable and practical, metal buildings cut costs on every phase of construction. However, this is just the beginning. Savings continue over the lifecycle of a metal building. Read below to discover the numerous benefits of steel construction.

Energy savings with high-grade insulation

Metal buildings used for storage, warehouses, agriculture, aviation, and garages may not require heating and AC in milder climates. Industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential buildings where people work or play, however, need climate control systems. For these structures, steel framing works very well.

Deep wall cavities in steel building allow room for thicker, more energy-efficient insulation.

Reduced insurance rates

Reduced insurance rates

Steel structures resist damage from earthquakes, high winds, snow, termites, heavy rains, wood ants, fire, vermin, lightning, and mold much better than other construction materials. Consequently, insurance companies will offer substantial discounts on rates for buildings framed with steel.

Low maintenance

Whether you choose durable steel panels, stone, brick, tilt-up concrete, or a combination of these finishes for your home exterior, you will benefit from low maintenance costs. One of the benefits of metal construction is that there is no need to paint every few years as there is with a wood exterior.

Steel is rodent and termite resistant, so there is no need to treat with harsh chemicals on a regular basis.

Removing mold is among the expensive building repair projects. As an inorganic material, steel doesn’t support mold, mildew, or other fungi growth. Steel framing doesn’t rot, split, warp, or twist as wood framing does over the years. In wood-framed buildings, nails back out and the structure becomes loose over time. Sheetrock cracks. Overhead door openings sag and roof ridges. Windows and doors refuse to close properly.

A metal building goes up straight and plumb – and it stays that way for decades of hassle-free service.

Metal buildings retain their value longer

Metal buildings retain their value longer

  • Quality steel buildings retain their original value and beauty exceptionally well.
  • Metal buildings stay straight and true for decades. Plus, the stronger connectors used in these structures won’t become worn as nails used in ordinary wood structures do.
  • The sturdy steel wall and roof panels come with a warranty.
  • Less expensive renovation and remodeling on steel buildings
  • If expansion is required later, metal buildings make remodeling quick and easy.
  • Enlarging the building is simply a matter of ordering more frames to match the original structure.

Fewer foundation problems over time

Because two story steel buildings require far fewer pieces of framing than wood, there is less weight on the foundation. Less weight means less chance of costly foundation issues down the road.

Ground circumstances affect the design of a two story steel building significantly, but with the help of an experienced contractor, you will get all the benefits of this type of construction.

Sell the steel at the end of the building’s life cycle

Sell the steel at the end of the buildings life
Once the steel building reaches the end of its usefulness, you can sell the framing scrap to be recycled again. Steel can be recycled endlessly without losing its original properties or strength.

These days, all industries have major applications of structural steel. From commercial-grade equipment to finished products, structural steel is used everywhere. Warehouses, high-rise buildings, and bridges are made using structural steel sections. Industry experts prefer the use of high-quality structural steel over any other building material for construction. This is because of the many benefits structural steel provides.

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