How Social Platforms Aids in Interior Designing


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TikTok, in my opinion, is a fascinating place. Despite the fact that everyone’s “For You” pages are different, mine is now perfectly matched to my interests: food, more food, Amazon favorite finds, and, of course, home décor DIYs and inspiration. So I’ve made the switch to Home Décor TikTok, and I love it. As a result, I’ve discovered many fantastic accounts that share incredible house transformations, brilliant IKEA DIYS, economical décor hauls, and other visually appealing films of lovely interiors. Here are a few TikTok accounts to follow that can aid interior design. 

Everyday Home Decor

Everyday Home Decor’s Lidia Salazar has a sizable TikTok following, and with good reason. She often gives budget-friendly home décor ideas for folks who desire a high-end design without the high price tag. But, do you know what is the most viewed tiktok video? Videos from Everyday Home Decor are the ones that gained massive reach in a short time. This viral video was taken at her local Goodwill, which happened to have fresh new Studio McGee for Target finds, and the audience went crazy.

Ariel Arts:

Visit Ariel Arts’ TikTok account if you’re interested in learning more about interior design and decorating. She’s a seasoned designer herself, and she’s used the opportunity to offer her layout and styling advice to others looking for ideas. Her videos are short, charming, and educational.

Two seater couches and wall mounts – Beautiful Homes

Emily Rayna:

Emily Shaw is recognised for her very creative apartment DIYs and is one of the most prominent interior design TikTokers. She’s documented the transformation of her entire flat, along with simple, renter-friendly tips and tactics. Her videos are incredibly relaxing to watch; she’s a must-follow.

The Arrival of Niche Social Platforms:

Niche Social Platforms are also slowly gaining their dominance in recent times. We can find numerous niche social platforms across the internet. Houzz is one of the social applications that has been widely used by interior designers and architects in recent times. The platform gives a pathway for architects and interior designers to showcase their works and earn clients. Hence, using this social platform is a good move if you are looking for interior designers or budding architects. Through this, you can understand how ideal social platforms are for interior designing. According to Trollishly, it is possible to find many interior designers on social media. So, do the necessary research and find the one who will be an ideal match for your brand. 

Trollishly Suggests Image-centric Designs:

Photos and images are critical components of your social media strategy; studies have shown that visual material generates the highest levels of engagement. It’s even more logical given that your industry is focused on beauty. So get creative and focus on developing visually stunning content using your design talents. Do you require some motivation? Meet Bella Bathrooms’ CEO, James Chapman. “We were amazed at how many of our competitors didn’t employ visual marketing when we first started in the already saturated luxury bathroom business,” James began. “We thought it would be just what we needed to stand out, so we tried it.”

Interact with the Audience:

As a social media business, you must go above and beyond to show your audience that you aren’t just there to promote them. Nobody likes a salesperson, which is why interacting with your audience is critical to establishing credibility and confidence. Repost content you think your audience might enjoy, respond to comments on your work, and provide fantastic design information and ideas. To put it another way, be social.

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Utilize Influencers:

Sharing your own work can only get you so far in brand recognition. You’ll need to figure out how to get it shared by other significant social media users as well. Influencers who promote your company are 70% more likely to be trusted by others, and they can generate 3-10x more conversions than your own marketing efforts. So look for them – they’re not hard to come by. Make connections with these influencers, share their material, and ask them to share yours.

If you are one among an interior designer, you can promote your works with like-minded people. For instance, there are also wall painters who have a strong presence on social platforms. So, promoting your results through them could provide you with notable growth. Hence, implementing such measures can offer the necessary development for brands. Hence, all these tactics can help upscaling the designers’ growth. Currently, social platforms have also started to allocate space for interior designers. Hence, giving priority to these designers will also help in multiple purposes. Nowadays, there is also a gradual rise in content from interior designers across social platforms. Hence, these applications have become a significant hub for marketing. So, scale your growth easily by using Influencers who can seamlessly drive your reach.

Wrapping Up:

Social Platforms have been used for various purposes. Today, interior designers have been using it vastly since it has been providing them notable growth. Social platforms are constantly growing as the primary hub for interior designing. If you are one of those designers, utilize it and drive your growth. 

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