How Social Media is Changing the Interior Design Industry


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Social media has become an essential part of various industries are numerous individuals are using it for a wide range of reasons. So, if you are in the interior design industry, you will agree that social media has brought lots of significant changes to your industry.

Perhaps you are wondering about the possible changes that social media into the interior design industry. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Offering instant access to the latest design trends in the industry

The world of interior design welcomes new trends from time to time. In the past, designers often struggled to know the latest trends that they could use for beautifying the interiors of their client’s home. Some designers even had to stick to using the same designs for all their clients. However, social media has changed everything as it now puts various sets of information within your reach.

Nowadays, you can just come across some of the latest interior designs while browsing through your Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest page. Besides, you can just use a few hashtags to find the latest trends in the industry. Therefore, there is no doubt that social media now allows everyone to gain instant access to the latest design trends. Access is not just instantaneous, but it is also easy for everyone in the industry.

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  • Providing an opportunity for designers to showcase their works

All popular social media channels enable you to upload pictures and videos of your work for others to see. Therefore, your social media page can serve as a catalogue for you to show people what you are capable of offering as an interior design. Some interior designers may even hire a social media promoter to showcase their works for more people to see them.

In fact, many designers don’t have a website, but they can get loads of works through their social media pages. Those with websites are also not left out of enjoying the benefits of social media channels.

So, it is undeniable that social media is changing interior design by allowing them to display their works. Notably, you can even use social media to showcase other people’s work that you can also execute.

  • Connecting consumers to designers

Another undeniable way through which social media is changing the interior design industry is how it connects consumers to designers. In the past, many clients would be looking for excellent interior designers to work with, but they might have a difficult time locating them. Fortunately, social media now makes it easier for consumers to find designers. With Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., you can find designers and also stay connected to them without much hassle.

However, the connection does not just stop at finding designers. Social media also allows existing and would-be clients to get more information about the works of a designer. You don’t need to waste time interviewing any interior designer before knowing about the quality of their designs. 

For instance, you can visit Instagram and browse through the various past projects of an interior design. This will give you a good idea of what the designer is capable of offering if you should hire them.

  • Linking different designers

In the interior design industry, many designers work together to achieve a more spectacular result. Notably, various social media channels have been playing a key role in ensuring the connection among interior designers. An interior designer can now easily find another designer online and send them a DM. Of course, this makes it easy for designers to collaborate to work together and achieve a better and bigger result.

Besides, social media platforms allow designers to learn from each other directly or indirectly. Overall, the help of social media in this regard cannot be overemphasized.

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  • Encouraging more DIY

Even if the result is not as great as that of an interior designer, you can design the interior of your home yourself. This is because social media that now encourages DIY interior design. Nowadays, many individuals are designing and decorating the interiors of their homes. In other words, they don’t hire an interior designer to handle it. 

This is down to the effect of social media channels that showcase the various trendy interior designers. Now, you can browse through Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram to find different interior designs that catch your eye. Even numerous YouTube videos will show you a step-by-step guide to designing your home to achieve your desired results.

So, this is another change that cannot go unnoticed.

However, social media is not just changing the interior design industry in a positive. That is, some changes are undesirable. Foremost, there is an issue with unoriginality in interior designs today. If you check out numerous works on social media channels, you will discover that they look alike. This is because many designers are just replicating the works of others. Some clients may even request interior designers to recreate a particular look that may not be suitable for their home or needs. The lack of originality has been a big factor that is hindering the progress of the interior design industry.

As described above, you now understand how social media is changing the interior design industry. Without a doubt, the majorities of these changes are positive and can improve the interior design industry significantly. Also, we look forward to welcoming more changes that social media will introduce to the industry.

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