How Serious Is the Foundation Crack in Your Pittsburgh Home and What To Do About It?


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There are over 130,000 households in Pittsburgh. Issues such as foundation cracks can be detrimental to any home. The most common reasons for these foundational cracks and other structural issues are improper drainage maintenance, soil instability, and flooding. 

Several Pittsburgh homes have cracks, and the severity of these cracks depends mainly on their size, nature, and depth. However, regardless of the size and severity of the cracks, it is vital to contact experts specializing in foundation repair Pittsburgh to deal with them. 

These experts have specialized formal knowledge of how to deal with property repair issues. They also possess the experience that helps them identify the root cause and take the necessary steps to fix it. 

What are Foundation Cracks?

Foundation cracks are usually vertical or diagonal cracks on the home’s foundation wall. It happens when the structural integrity of concrete weakens due to exposure to moisture or when an external object causes the wall to crack, or even because concrete shrinks. Hence, foundation cracks are also called “shrinkage.”  

If you find these long cracks on your basement wall or another similar surface, then know that you are in dangerous territory and need expert help immediately. Even minor hairline cracks develop into large cracks if left unattended. These cracks almost always run sideways when concrete or brick is unsettling.

Trees like sycamore, dogwood, and birch grow in abundance in Pittsburg. Tree root infestations and tree growth are common causes of foundational cracks. 

Contact local experts or Pittsburgh foundation repair companies early on if you notice the new plant, shrub, or tree growth near your foundation or too close to your building. 

Similarly, if your gutter or drains are overflowing, it is best to address the problem immediately. You may even need renovations and the services of professional foundation engineers if the problem worsens. 

Experts assert that even self-opening doors and windows may indicate foundation cracks. Tilting chimneys are a clear-cut sign of foundations settling. If your chimneys are slanting to an end or are starting to crack, then you may want to have them checked. Your chimney can even accumulate significant cracks if not managed well.

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Why Foundation Cracks are Bad

Besides the fact that foundation cracks are expensive to fix, they pose several other problems. For instance, cracks can let moisture into your property and foster the growth of mold and mildew. 

The most common dangers associated with foundation cracks include the following.

Letting Moisture In

Minor and hairline cracks may not let moisture in. However, if left unattended, they can develop into significant cracks. 

Wider cracks, horizontal cracks, and stair-step cracks are more dangerous and need immediate attention. Other symptoms of foundation cracks include bowing walls, sloping floors, drywalls, brickwork cracks, and concrete shrinkage.

Cracks like angular cracks are not as troublesome. However, if the gaps get more expansive, it is vital to get them checked.  

Your home could soon be infested with mold, mildew, and other fungi if moisture gets in. Mold can trigger a range of allergic reactions and illnesses. If you or a family member has been falling ill, getting recurring migraines, respiratory issues, or other allergic symptoms, check for mold.

Indication of Structural Issues

Foundation cracks could be an indication of structural issues that affect your home. Foundation shrinking and settlement problems can even cause your home to collapse. If the cracks are wider at the bottom than at the top, it may indicate the settlement of dust, dirt, and other elements in your foundation. 

Why Call Experts

Foundation repairs are not a viable DIY activity. A mistake during the repair process could weaken your home’s entire foundation. 

It takes formal training and experience to carry out the repair work effectively and efficiently. There can also be no compromise on the sealants and materials used, hence it’s smarter to rely on the professionals. 

Ensure that you call licensed experts for the structural repair. These experts will first assess the severity of the damage to determine what repair procedures to choose. Additionally, foundation experts will also use safety gear, high-grade tools, and other elements to carry out the process effectively.

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Sealing With High-Quality Material

Materials like epoxy are excellent for sealing foundation cracks. Additionally, these materials will remain effective for a long time. Foundation experts will choose a material type based on your tastes, preferences, and your home’s condition. 

Ensure that the sealing material you choose is resistant to water, weather, and sun damage. Foundation professionals will spread them evenly across the crack where possible. If the crack is deep, then ensure that it is adequately sealed and safe.

Block Out and Seal Injection Ports

The repair professionals open, block out and seal up the injection to fix tor foundation. Assess the experience profile and ratings of the experts you choose, as this work can be done only by well-trained professionals.  

Find a foundation expert who has worked on other similar projects before. Once the epoxy or other sealant dries completely, you can stop worrying about the crack getting worse.

Cost of Repairs

The average cost of foundation repairs in Pittsburgh, PA could vary anywhere between $2000 and $7000. The type, depth, and repair requirements of the crack will determine the cost of the repairs.  

You can also compare quotes offered by different repair professionals in your area and choose the most affordable one. It is also vital to analyze the material type the company uses to seal the cracks. 

While cracks are unsettling, they are pretty standard and can be fixed easily by expert hands. Minor foundation issues are easier and cheaper to fix.

Your Home’s Value

Foundational cracks can impact your home’s value adversely. If you plan to put your house on the market shortly, get the crack fixed as soon as possible. 

Visible stairwell cracks or chimney tilts could bring down your home’s total value. Your local foundation experts can help ensure that your house remains structurally sound and updated.

Foundation experts believe that any opening or hole in the wall is a sign of structural weakness. Whether you are dealing with slab wall cracking or start-step cracks, the best thing to do is call experts who have experience fixing foundation cracks. Ignoring the issue may cause the concrete to shrink more or the bricks to displace further. 

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