How Often Should You Repaint Your Home And Why?

Paint has a significant impact on both the interior and exterior appearance of your home. It’s nearly impossible not to notice a house’s paint because it establishes the overall tone of a home. Also, it serves as a blank canvas on which designers build all other aesthetic aspects of your home. Paint is also a game changer. No matter how well-embellished it is, you’ll never achieve the home of your dreams if the paint is flaking, old, and moldy. 

Hence, the need to repaint your home. Those who are skilled in everything DIY may opt to tackle this renovation project by themselves. However doable, taking the high route of letting expert Loveland painters, or those within your vicinity, take on the task is still the best option. Not only will you be relieved from this time-consuming task, but you’ll also be guaranteed high-quality results that are as long-lasting as they are beautifully done. 

In this article, you’ll particularly learn how often and why you should repaint your home. Read on!

The Frequency Of Repainting Your Home 

Technically, there’s no hard and fast rule as to how often you should repaint your home. But, there are numerous factors to be considered regarding this, such as the location, the quality of the paint you previously used, and the type of materials used for your home’s walls, roof, and ceiling. 

In general, you’re looking at a time frame of five to 15 years, although the longer the time, the better. 

Here’s an explanation of the several variables that influence these figures:

  • The location – There are some homes exposed to harsher external conditions and elements, like the salt from the sea. This means that coastal homes need to be repainted more often. 
  • The paint used – Lower-grade paints will chip out faster than the better-quality ones. You may have to pay more money upfront for the latter, but if the trade-off is a better and longer-lasting paint job, you should take it any day.

Reasons To Repaint Your Home  

  • Your Taste Has Changed 

As you grow older, your taste may change, too. Say, you bought a home with different wallpapers and many accent colors in your 20s, when you had a more eclectic taste. But, a decade has passed, and, now, your taste has evolved. You prefer a more serene and calm home to escape to, hence, the transition to a more minimalist approach. 

This is one of the reasons why homeowners want to repaint their homes. It’s not always because the home is screaming for new paint; in many cases, you just want a new look for your home.  

house painter painting building exterior with roller

  • The Paint Is Cracking And Peeling 

This second reason needs no timeline. You may have just repainted a specific area last year, but if it’s cracking and peeling, you need to repaint it now.  

It’s not just about aesthetics. Particularly with your exterior, paint can protect your home from harsh weather elements. If there’s a crack, then it’s the wall itself that’s exposed. That can lead to an even bigger problem in the future. 

  • There’s A Lot Of Wear And Tear On Your Existing Walls 

Wear and tear on your walls and the paint can happen for many reasons. For instance, there can be scratches from moving all the furniture around, or lots of holes from drilling for hanging wall art. If you have young children, another culprit would be marks and doodles on the walls. They may be works of art to you, but those visible marks will surely affect your home’s appeal. 

A fresh coat of paint can be just what you need to cover up those imperfections. Once you’re done, your home will look good as new once again. 

  • The Possibility Of Selling Your Home Soon Is High 

If selling your home is a possibility in the near future, you may want to slowly work on renovation projects that increase your home’s value. One of those is repainting your home. 

The rationale is simple—repainting your home makes it look and feel new, even if it’s quite old. The exterior will look sharp, and the inside, fresh. With that, your home becomes more attractive to potential buyers, increasing its marketability and saleability. 

The Bottomline 

There are many renovation projects that a homeowner will have to do every so often, one of which is repainting your home. Whether the reasons above apply to you or not, and whether it’s also been at least five years since you last repainted, don’t take these as absolute rules. Ultimately, you’ll have to go around your home and check for any problem areas. When you see some, that should a go signal repaint your home. Going the DIY route may be tempting, given how easy it is to paint your home, but you can’t go wrong with the skills of the experts. Hire one; the results will make you feel like every cent spent was truly worth it. 

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