How much storage space will I get with an Ottoman Bed?

Ottoman beds are amongst the most comfortable and practical beds you may have in your house. They have a long standing history for their sturdiness and are one of the most popular bed choices to buy, particularly in houses with limited storage space. Ottoman beds combine the comfort and beauty of a traditional divan base with the added benefit of hidden storage accessible by simply elevating the top of the frame, which serves as both the base for the mattress and also the cover for the under-bed storage.

How do ottoman beds lift up?

Ottoman beds have a gas hydraulic lift mechanism that allows you to quickly raise or close the top of the bed to reach the built-in storage. 2 arms are attached to each side of the bed with intelligent pistons between 600N to 900N depending on the size of the bed. When the bed is in the lifted position, the gas inside the pistons work hard to ensure the storage does not close, this provides you with hands-free access to your storage. The two major opening methods of the storage bed will be discussed in this section.

The most popular option for the storage bed is to open from the footboard side. Attached to the metal slatted frame is a strap to help lift up the mattress. Thus when lifting up the bed, the foot-end is raised towards the ceiling at an approx 45 degree angle. This gives you plenty of space to maneuver around the end of the bed and provide sufficient access to the storage. You can opt to added storage boxes beneath your bed for the ultimate organised storage solution. 

Alternatively, you can opt to purchase a bed that lifts up from the side. This can be configured to be either the right-hand or left-hand side depending on what is more convenient to your room layout. For example, if you have a bed that is leaning against a wall it would be the obvious choice to choose the bed-frame the lifts up from the opposite side. Once the bed is lifted from its side, you have full access to the storage beneath.

Benefits of owning an ottoman bed

If you’re in the market for a new bed, see below the top reasons why an ottoman bed should be on your list of things to buy.

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Comfortable bed

You can’t help but notice how comfy ottoman beds actually are when you sleep on it. As the bed functions as a storage area, your initial thought would be that the bed would be uncomfortable to sleep on. This is far from the case. Ottoman beds are robust and powerful, and they give a restful night’s sleep when paired with a soft mattress. The slats on the bed frame will ensure enough support to the mattress providing flex in the wood when required. The ottoman frame is made up of galvanised metal and really easy to put together. 

Storage Space

Because of the built-in storage, ottoman beds are fantastic to increase the space in your bedroom. You can use vacuum storage bags to put away your unwanted bedding, clothes, and soft items extremely compact to make more out of the space underneath. The amount of space you have beneath the bed will be determined by the size of the bed you purchase. Double and king size beds will undoubtedly offer the most space beneath your bed and super king size if you are extremely lucky!

Affordable beds

An ottoman bed is surprisingly inexpensive, costing around the same as a divan or comparable type of bed. In fact, ottoman beds provide excellent value for money as it serves 2 purposes, one for being the most comfortable bed you’ll ever sleep in and two because it is essentially a storage facility for your bedroom. If you are looking for a cheap ottoman bed that’s handmade in the UK and good-quality then take a look at the selection offered by Hugo & Sons.

Quality Beds

Ottoman beds are high-quality, long-lasting and extremely durable. The first thing to look for in a good bed is the frame’s durability as a bed should last at least 5 years. An ottoman bed’s opening mechanism necessitates sturdy construction, which you’ll find in the majority of these types of beds.

Various Sizes

Ottoman beds are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from single 3ft beds to 6ft super king beds, and each size is designed for durability and comfort. An ottoman bed helps you to make the most of every available centimeter in a compact area with little storage. You’ll want one in every bedroom once you’ve purchased your first ottoman bed!

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How much storage can they hold?

Ottoman beds are available in a variety of designs, and they contain a concealed under-bed storage for extra bedding, winter coats, and other items. Ottoman storage beds are cleverly constructed and elegantly designed, and they come in a variety of sizes to fit your purpose.

An ottoman bed may support up to 500kg in total. This weight capacity takes into account the weight of the bed frame, mattress, additional pillows, sheets, and so on, as well as the weight of adults. Of course, it depends on the size of the bed you choose. Storage beds typically have capacities ranging from 600 cubic liters to 1,100 cubic liters in storage space.

The size of the ottoman bed you select will of course be determined by the amount of space you have available in the room. The general height of the storage area is approx 30cm so there is sufficient height for the storage. 30cm is large enough to fit a suitcase beneath the bed and will undoubtedly be large enough to store away unwanted electrical items such as the spare TV.

If you need extra storage or want to store larger goods like storage boxes, multiple large bags, a car seat, or even a snowboard, king size ottoman beds are definitely a good option for you.

Final Thoughts

Compared to typical divan bases and metal bed frames, an ottoman bed offers numerous advantages. The bed is soft and supportive, making it ideal for a good night’s sleep and the bed is practical and efficient for the modern home. The storage compartment allows you to maximize the space available in your bedroom, which is especially handy for goods like spare bedding, seasonal apparel, and books that aren’t used all of the time. There are a variety of sizes to choose from, so everyone in your house may sleep on one depending on their room size.

Ottoman beds are generally inexpensive, allowing you to have a high-quality piece of furniture without breaking the bank. An ottoman bed’s adaptability allows it to be used for a variety of functions and in a variety of places throughout the house. The beds are available in a variety of different sizes and are upholstered with easy-to-clean materials. When purchasing an ottoman bed, seek for a reputable manufacturer who makes the bed with quality materials.

Hugo & Son’s ottoman beds are available in a variety of different colours and finishes, allowing you to choose the perfect frame for your boudoir. They offer ottoman frames and styles that will make you fall head over heels, from the popular velvet or crushed velvet materials, to black, gold, silver and grey!

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