How Much Does It Cost to Have Gutters Cleaned?


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A clean gutter is more of a necessity these days since it helps keep the water away from your home’s foundation. It might be a disgusting task, but one cannot disagree that cleaning them regularly is an important errand. 

Dirty and choked up gutters often cause the water to seep through the passages of the home. It may pool around your residence or, in some cases, backs up on the roof. Moreover, the mould develops in extreme situations, which makes your gutters germs-infested. Such events may make your surroundings unhygienic. 

Poor drainage in gutters has a direct impact on your living conditions. The exteriors of the walls might get damaged, and it might impact the roof, create cracks in the foundation, lead to insect infestation.

Therefore, it is important that you have your gutters cleaned regularly. 

Not only do you need specialised equipment to clean the gutters, but you also need to find an expert cleaning service for this task. Also, cleaning the gutter has cost implications. 

The sections of this article will give you clear information regarding the various costs associated with gutter cleaning services. Learn more about the cost of gutter cleaning by perusing the below segments.

You can also use the various tips mentioned in this article or have your gutter protection installed with Aussie Gutter Protection to keep yourself safe from incurring huge costs.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Cleaning Gutters

Before giving you the final quotation, the gutter cleaners consider various aspects, such as:

Property Location

Gutter cleaners also consider the location of your building when giving a quotation. If you reside in central London, the gutter cleaning would be expensive. However, gutter cleaning Cardiff costs would be much lower. Therefore, people living in the suburbs such as Wales, Northern Ireland, Northern England or Midlands are charged less for gutter cleaning. 

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The Property Size

The gutter cleaners charge in terms of meters. The size of your home and the size of the gutters usually directly correlate. It means that the bigger the size of your home, the bigger your gutter size would be. Therefore, you can expect to pay a higher amount to clean the gutters of such houses. 

Gutter Height

Cleaning gutters with substantial heights cost more than cleaning gutters with less height. Sometimes, the cleaners recommend bringing the scaffolding onto the property if the height is more. It helps them clean the gutter thoroughly. You can expect to pay additional costs in such circumstances. 

The Existing Gutter Condition

When your gutters are completely clogged and in bad condition, the cleaners have to put in more effort to clear out the blockages and perform thorough cleaning. It means you need to pay more money if your gutters are in bad condition. 

In extreme conditions, the gutter cleaners sometimes recommend replacing the entire system. Such recommendation comes when you face similar issues repeatedly, and the problems will likely continue in the future. This would escalate the cost substantially. 

Whether or Not You Need Scaffolding

One of the most important aspects that directly impact the final cost is the need for scaffolding. The need for scaffolding depends on the height of your gutter. If it is not possible to clean the gutter using the water-fed poles, scaffolding is required. 

For the people living in a multi-storeyed building, the cleaners are concerned with safety. If the cleaners feel that they need to bring the scaffolding to the property for safety and better cleaning, it will increase the cost. 

Scaffolding in Various Home Types

Now that you have understood the dire need to keep your gutters cleaned let us understand its cost implications. 

For comprehensive cleaning of your gutters, you need to hire a professional company with expertise in such jobs. The estimated time to clean a bungalow gutter is about 2 to 3 hours. The gutter cleaners in the UK charge per meter of the gutter size, and the cost is around £3-£5 per metre of the gutter. 

However, the cost also depends on the scaffolding. 

If you live in a house without scaffolding, you can expect the gutter cleaning quotation to be around £60-£90. However, if you have a terraced house without scaffolding, the cost would be £90 and £120.

For a house with scaffolding, the cost of cleaning the gutter ranges from £120-£270. If your house has a terrace with scaffolding, make a provision to spend between £270 and £360 for gutter cleaning.

People living in a semi-detached house without scaffolding are charged between £120 to £150. In comparison, a semi-detached house with scaffolding attracts the cost within the range of £360-£450. Cleaning of such houses needs four to five hours for gutter cleaning. 

Cleaning the gutter is most expensive for people living in detached houses. With scaffolding, the cost is between the range of £150-£180, and without scaffolding, it rises to anywhere between £450-£540. Even the time required to clean gutters of such houses is higher, and it would take about 5 to 7 hours. 

However, if you need a smaller job done by the cleaners, they charge a minimum of £40-£50.

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Tips Related to Gutter Cleaning

  • Make it a habit to have your gutters cleaned on a regular basis. Even once a year, cleaning keeps the gutter unclogged and clear. 
  • Avoid choosing to clean the gutters yourself. You might save some money, but one should also consider the health and safety aspect. 
  • Have a regular contract agreement with gutter cleaners if you can afford it. It will save you a lot of trouble in the future. 
  • Make use of an efficient gutter protection system that helps to protect the gutters from the development of dirt and debris. 
  • Always hire professional cleaners who have the expertise to clean the gutters and offer suggestions for future maintenance. 

Concluding Thoughts

Gutter cleaning is an important task, and it should be taken seriously if you wish to live in a clean and hygienic environment. Since there are various costs associated with this task, you must also plan and make provisions for such expenses. 

Keeping gutters clean should always be a priority for residents. Understanding the various costs associated with gutter cleaning would help you stay prepared for such expenditures. You can also use the various tips mentioned in this article to keep yourself safe from incurring huge costs. 

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