How Much Does it Cost to Have a Live-in Housekeeper?


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Live-in Housekeeper

Hiring a live-in housekeeper is a little bit complicated and difficult as the housekeeper will live with you and your family. Also, finding the ideal housekeeper who is willing to stay at your house and work needs time. After finding, comes the discussion of how much the housekeeper asks you to pay and how much you are able to pay. So, you have to carefully think about all the aspects. If you want to buy trending shirts inspired by life, go to

Various situations appear where a live-in housekeeper can be desirable. They can complete some of your housework and you will have less work to do yourself and more free time to use those redmart promo codes you have been planning to use! If you have a little baby, or old parents in your home and both you and your partner have a job, then a live-in housekeeper can help you with relieving the pressure by doing the extra housework. You can check the pros and cons of a live-in housekeeper to see if you actually need one and you will also know how they can help you.

There are other situations such as if you just moved to a new city and need live-in housekeepers to do the housework, then you need to know the cost for one. If you are considering shifting into a new city, then moving to a city like Brampton can be advantageous for you as it has all the facilities and lower cost for many essential things such as live-in housekeepers.

The Cost for Hiring a Live-in Housekeeper

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For housekeeping service, generally, the householder has to spend an average payment of $170. Typically cleaning service costs are around $40 to $80 per hour and it is different per cleaner. If you need the housekeeper only for services such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. then you can hire them on a per hour basis or if you need room cleaning then you have to hire them per square feet of your property. So, typically you can hire housekeepers for around $130 from $270 depending on amount of work that needs to be completed. If you find yourself in need of financial support for your housekeeping services, exploring options with reliable money lenders can offer a secure and flexible solution to cover your expenses.

However, for live-in housekeepers, you also have to provide food, a living place, and every other essential utility. Because they will be living with you and they will also need all the facilities for living. You can always come to an agreement on the working hours and the level of responsibility. You can make a stable schedule for working according to your needs. 

Understanding the financial aspects of hiring a live-in housekeeper is crucial. The cost varies based on factors like location, duties, and the housekeeper’s experience. On average, live-in housekeepers cost between $1,250 to $2,600 monthly, encompassing room and board. Their responsibilities often extend beyond basic cleaning to include laundry, grocery shopping, and sometimes even gardening. While investing in a live-in housekeeper can initially seem daunting, the time and effort saved can be significant. This extra time could be strategically used for other pursuits, such as exploring innovative financial opportunities. For instance, platforms like Immediate Peak offer auto crypto trading options, presenting a modern way to potentially enhance your financial portfolio. Just as with hiring a housekeeper, diving into the world of cryptocurrency requires careful consideration and research to understand the potential benefits and risks involved.

Live-in housekeepers cost more than other housekeeping services, but they also have more duties and responsibilities than other housekeepers too. You should discuss definite objectives with the housekeeper and what you wish them to do before hiring. The duties and responsibilities of a live-in housekeeper usually include:

  • Fully clean the whole house every day.
  • Laundry work that includes washing the clothes, iron them, wrap them, and putting them in closets and wardrobes.
  • Replacing bed sheets and tidy up the beds of every bedroom.
  • Properly clean the washroom frequently.
  • Cleaning the kitchen and tidy it after eating.
  • Storing groceries, food, and other essential things and buying them from the market.
  • If you have any plants, then the required gardening work.

Additionally, you can ask the housekeeper to do some of the other small work that you’ve agreed on before hiring. Also, doing extra work such as taking care of your pets, childcare, taking care of your old parents and cooking food, etc. is also considered as extra duties. For these extra duties, you will need to pay them extra money too.

*The charges mentioned above are as of March 2021.

Housekeeping Cost Factors

The Pros of a Live-in Housekeeper

Different areas have different costs of living for the people, and the costs for various work also differentiates according to that living style. A live-in housekeeper or normal housekeeping costs are based on some basic factors. You need to know and consider these factors to get a clear understanding about the cost of having a live-in housekeeper. The factors are:

Size: The size of your house, counting every room such as bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, etc. can change the cost of the live-in housekeeper significantly.

People in the House: If more people are living in the house, then there are more chances for the house to become dirty and messy.

Pet Occupancy: If you have pets, then it also requires more, and more frequent cleaning.

Special Services: Usually live-in housekeepers do all the basic work. However, there are some particular services that you need to pay more for such as cleaning walls, lawn care, healthcare, childcare, etc.

Experience Level: As the experienced housekeeper has more skills and experience, they will cost more than your usual housekeeper.

The Pros of a Live-in Housekeeper

  1. A good housekeeper can reduce the work pressure and make your stay in the house much easier. The house will look more fresh and presentable if it is cleaned regularly. And, it will also feel cozier and arranged.
  2. As the housekeeper lives in your house, there is no need for travelling regularly. That means more time and more services.
  3. You can also pay the live-in housekeeper a minimum fee as you will also give them living space and facilities.
  4. The live-in housekeepers will always be present at the house for any emergency needs and they can also help you with some extra work such as taking care of the kids, walking the dog, etc.
  5. Live-in housekeepers can also do the work of a nanny or cook. So, you will not need another housekeeper for that and save money.

The Cons of a Live-in Housekeeper

  1. As the live-in housekeepers will always be present at the home, the privacy of the family is frequently disrupted.
  2. Affording housing for a live-in housekeeper can be too expensive and troubling for few families.
  3. If a member of the family is not friendly with the live-in housekeeper, that can also be unsettling for both the housekeeper and the member.
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