How Much Does Dry Out Services Cost in 2023?


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When your home runs into any issues, especially the water issues, it creates a striking fear in your heart. A home is a place for you to feel safe, and be close with your family. However, as it gets old, you’re likely to run into home related issues. One of the most common issues in homes is the water issue. It could be a wet space in your crawl space or a foundation issue. Whatever be it, it’s important for you to be aware of the cost associated with water issues. Dry out services are much in demand and can help you solve the water issue arising in your home. 

In this article, we will learn about the costs associated with dry out services and how you can categorize them. 

Water Dry Out Services Cost

Suppose you ever see any water leak into the walls or floor of your services. In that case, you know how horrifying the experience is. Whether the water is flowing from a toilet, a burst pipe, or a recent natural hazard. Water might be all over your place! So, it’s essential to understand the cost of dry-out services in case it ever happens to you, too!

Dry-out services are one of the ways to clean up after any water damage. If water gets into your home, you’ll have to do something about it to avoid mold and mildew damage, and dry-out services!

Here, we will look at low, average, and high cost for dry out services.

Low Cost$500
Average Cost$1,500
High Cost$15,000

Further, we’ve categorized water dry-out services based on category, class, and location. 

Cost of Dry Out Services Based on Category 

You might assume that all water damage is equal, but the fact is that there are three categories of water damage. Below, we’ve broken down each type and explained what each dry-out service costs. 

Category 1: Clean Water

Clean water is those that have not come into contact with chemical or bio-hazardous materials. 

Damages caused by clean water sources mainly result from leaky faucets, toilet tanks, or water heaters. The water damage for this is typically around $4 to $4 per square foot. 

A significant task when cleaning up clean water is simply drying it, which is why the cost is lower than other categories of damage listed here. However, if the damage is expensive, the price can increase based on that. For example, if the carpet of your house has been affected, it costs around $5 to $11 per square foot to dry it. 

Category 2: Gray Water

Gray water means that the water has come into contact with harmful substances, like laundry detergent or food particles. Usually, the risk associated with gray water is high, and so is the dry-out service. It costs around $4 to $ 7 per square foot. When it comes to gray water, you might have to pay more attention to repairing other damage that has been present in your home. 

For example, if you have to replace hardwood flooring, it costs around $10 to $15 per square foot. Gray water usually results from overflowing or improperly closed appliances or toilet leaks where water gets exposed to urine or cleaning solution. 

Category 3: Black Water

The worst-case scenario of water damage restoration is the black water. It is exposed to contaminants, most often with sewage or groundwater. The average cost of water dry-out services for black water is between $7 to $7.50 per square foot. But, with black water, you can’t know the price. If the water has contaminated the bacteria, it can result in various health risks. First, you might have to repair the drywall, furniture, clothing, and other furnishings. 

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Dry Out Services By Class

To determine how much work is involved in drying out the place, performing the cleanup, and restoring the job, professionals measure damage by class. Each class has its own price range for dry-out services, as shown below. 

Class 1$200 – $600
Class 2$700 -$1,400
Class 3$1,500 -$3,400
Class 4$20,000 -$32,000

Class 1

Each class has its price range for dry-out services, as shown below. 

A dry-out service that looks after a simple water leak indicating that the water has only spilled to a portion of the room is defined as a Class 1. Here, the homeowners themselves can handle this class of water damage without even having to hire a professional

Class 2

Class two water damage indicates damage to a room, including the walls; the damage might be relatively simple for even professionals to clean up. But it requires permeated flooring and furnishing. 

Class 3 

In Class Three water damage, the water permeates every part of your room. It could be cleaning walls, flooring, and even the subflooring. 

This damage costs much more because it requires the replacement of structural materials. 

Class 4

Class four is the worst-case scenario of water damage. It could be caused by natural hazards like hurricanes or flood damage. It spreads quickly through the home, permeating every surface. In this case, you’ll be required to repair and replace every part of your house. The average cost for class four damage can be between $20,000 and $100,000. 

Costs by Location

The water damage doesn’t discriminate. The dry-out services do! Depending upon the location of the water damage, you’ll have to pay a different price. Here, we examined some of the more dry service costs by location. 

  • Roof

Did you have a roof leak? In this case, it’s best to require it quickly since a roof leak can easily damage multiple areas of your home. Depending upon the cause and severity of the leak, you have to pay between $500 and $200 for your roof repair and prevent water damage. 

  • Floors and Hardwood

Water can cause severe flooring issues; in the worst case, you need to replace the whole carpeting. The average cost to repair hardwood flooring due to water damage is $500 to $1000. 

  • Drywall

Drywall is the situation in your house where the water is in contact with drywall. This increases the risk of mold growth following unusual odors around the house. To prevent this, you should perform a dry-out service that costs around $1.50 to $3.00 per square foot. 

  • Ceiling 

When the water reaches the upper level and damages the ceiling, it is more significant than the surface and drywall. The cost to repair the ceiling is around $350 to $1250. However, the price might differ based on how damaged the roof is. 


Hiring professional dry-out services ensures your home is allocated to pros who can offer excellent service. Further, you also save the risk of any issues occurring in your residence that might harm you. A professional can handle all the cleaning issues, ranging from water disasters to drying them up. Further, they make use of necessary elements to ensure that there is no mold growth. We suggest contacting a dry-out service if you’re facing a damp crawl or basement.

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