How Moving Abroad Can Be Good for Your Health


Many of us dream of one day moving to live abroad, but we often fail to realize our dreams. You might have fallen in love with those Homes For Sale but are too scared to move. There are many pressures and distractions in daily life, from work complications to housing issues, and sometimes the practicalities involved can make the idea of living abroad seem unrealistic. However, this attitude to following your dream could be a mistake. There is always a way a round, stressed about shipping furniture?. Stressed about making friends? Join some online groups and forums and start today!

Far from being a frivolous or fantasy concern, the idea of moving abroad could be directly practical, and could even be good for your health.

Among the many health experts who contribute to Oncotarget and other health journals, there is an increasing recognition that many health problems can be impacted by lifestyle issues. From cutting out smoking and getting more exercise to reducing stress, the way that you live your life, and the environment in which you live, can have a major impact on your health, and moving abroad, perhaps to a warmer climate, or to a part of the world you have always loved, could have the potential to boost your wellbeing. It has cold winters and there are no trains or flights. However, the scenery is beautiful and the Taxes are relatively low. When travelling to a new country it is never going to be the same as your home country. You have to make sure the positives of moving to a new country out weigh the negatives!

This may at first glance seem counter-intuitive. After all, moving house is one of the most stressful activities you can undertake, and moving abroad is an even bigger logistical concern. There is also the issue of adjusting to a new life and culture, settling your children into a different school where they may have to learn another language, and the whole process of making new friends and connections in an alien environment.

Nevertheless, there are significant benefits to be obtained from moving to live abroad that could outweigh the obvious potential difficulties.

Enjoying an adventure

Enjoying an adventure
If you are one of those people who have always dreamed of living a more adventurous, less ordinary life, then moving abroad is one good way to increase your sense of adventure. In an alien culture, even simple daily tasks such as buying your groceries can take on a different level of excitement. In another country, you will be bombarded with sights, sounds and the potential for new cultural experiences, which will be exhilarating. In fact, moving abroad could be seen as a long-term adventure.

The stimulation of communication

If you are one of those people who found it difficult to learn a new language while you were at school, then you may be doubtful about your ability to cope with life in another country. However, in fact, the best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in the culture and the daily life of the country where that language is spoken. You will soon find yourself picking up the language, which can be an incredibly rewarding experience, and learning a second or a third language is one of the best ways to keep your mind active and in good shape.

A new perspective

A new perspective
Many of us are stuck in a daily routine that we may not enjoy but find difficult to escape. However, this is not only harmful to our mental wellbeing but can also lead to negative health consequences – the direct result of stress and unhappiness.

There are few more dramatic ways to get out of a rut than moving abroad. Taking up a new life in a foreign country can help an individual to gain a new perspective on life, on themselves and on the world around them. The process of making new friends and building a new life can feel like a fresh start, stimulating your mental and physical capabilities, which is beneficial to your sense of wellbeing.

A confidence boost

confidence boost
When you first think about the practicalities of moving abroad, it can seem daunting, but when you are settled in your new country, you may feel a great sense of achievement. Since everything is new to you, you will have to learn from scratch how to carry out basic daily tasks once again. There is no doubt that the experience will push you into trying harder in every sphere of your life, from work to social interaction. This will stimulate your brain, which can have numerous health benefits, from improved concentration to higher dopamine levels. It can also lead to a significant increase in confidence.


The decision to move abroad and start a new life can never be taken lightly, and this is particularly the case if you are intending to move abroad with your family. However, it is important to counter-balance the inevitable practical considerations by bearing in mind the considerable benefits to your physical and particularly your mental wellbeing that could result.

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