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If you take care of anything it lasts for a long time. Leather jacket is a popular choice among people of all ages. Leather is a very durable material which can last up to 20 to 30 years.

Which leather quality is most durable?

It should also be kept in mind that a fine quality leather material last a lifetime when obviously taken good care of. You can also find some cheap leather material in the market that might not provide good comfort in the long run and  they might also last for shorter time periods. A cheap leather jacket will not be made from 100% pure leather but it is typically a blend of artificial materials or synthetic material which is chemically processed and turned into a jacket. Usually these type of jackets have a small life.

So the main ingredient of a leather jacket’s long life is when it is made from pure leather material.

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Faux leather does not come under the category of real leather. Another cheap material used is bonded leather which again does not last long.

Moreover there are other good qualities of leather such as a very durable second highest leather quality called top grain leather. It can age beautifully over a period of time. In this type of leather the hyde present in the outermost layer is removed making the leather thin.

Then comes the full grain leather which is made from pure animal hyde. It is genuine leather that delivers a supreme quality. It provides a long term endurance and does not degrade quickly with use. It is necessary that you take care of a product so that it can last long and same rule applies to the top grain leather.

Types of Leather and their life

Coming on to the animal hyde leather jackets. Let’s begin with cowhide which is the most demanded leather jacket among people living in a colder region because it provides utmost warmth. Even though cowhide leather is not soft or supple. It ages beautifully with passing time. 

As compared to cowhide leather, goatskin leather is a tough material and it has a coarse grain, it is very much flexible and provides durability and longevity. It is soft and supple, water resistant and lightweight. It is a very good choice for a wardrobe.

As compared to goatskin, sheepskin is more soft and supple and more flexible. It is lighter than goatskin too. A very good fashion statement among teens providing longevity and pleasurable results .

Lambskin, on the other hand is very supreme quality. Cowhide can last longer but then again it does not provide the softness of the lambskin. The soft leather may not always be the most durable with the most life. It is important to know your need whether you want a durable jacket or a soft one, or for instance the most comfortable one.

Difference between fake and genuine leather

 Because leather-based products is a one time shop thing which stays in your wardrobe for a long time so this so it is necessary to understand this type of one-of-a-kind cloth. While `leather-based` can commonly denote any type of leather-based-like cloth, whether or not natural or man-made, the term `genuine leather’ serves to differentiate all leather-based products from animal skin leather products. You can commonly discover this inscribed on garment labels, or on the bottom of belts, watch bands, wallets etc, and that is the fastest way to know in case your leather-based product is actual or faux. 

Other signs which could assist distinguish among a actual and a fake leather-based material are: 

The surface – leather-based genuine product has a  permeable, absorbent and spongy appearance and excellent lines, at the same time as synthetic leather-based is a good deal extra sleek and has no seen pores on the surface.

 The smell – actual leather-based has a one-of-a-kind natural odor, at the same time as faux leather-based or PVC leather-based smells of vinyl and chemical agents; 

The backside – authentic leather-based has a rugged suede-like underside; fake leather-based is dealt with and appears plain, once in a while with noticeable stitching  lines and upper surface.

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In order to provide life to leather you should follow some pro tips.

. When a leather jacket is stored in a place where it has a constant exposure to Sun then that can result in damage such as dry out or cracks in the leather.

. Chemical waste stain removers should be avoided at all times.

.Most importantly follow the manufacturer’s instructions provided to you along with your leather jacket.

.Never toss your jacket along with other clothes , instead hang it properly in a proper hanger with a proper space between clothes and the jacket.

. Try to clean the dust before storing your jacket in your wardrobe.

. Choosing the right softeners for your leather jacket is a most important task, so choose wisely.

. If you go in rain then don’t forget to clean your leather with a wet sponge and then dry the leather with a dry cloth.  It is better to put on a rain cover while going out along with wearing your jacket. It is possible that the leather may lose the moisture over a period of time but applying a good leather conditioner will solve the problem.

Hence a leather jacket will have a long life if you really take a proper care of it, so that it may last a lifetime. Some people have worn their favorite leather jackets from their young ages till they reach their 60’s or 70s. Leather jackets as compared to other sort of jackets do not get damaged with time. It all depends on how you use them.

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