How KwikSweep Rubbish Removal Can Help Get Waste Removed in London


Rubbish Removal

Whether you’re a commercial business in London or simply looking for a way to get rid of household waste – whatever you do, you should get your waste removed in the safest way possible. Here’s just some of the ways KwikSweep can help you out:

House Clearance

House clearances can be stressful times, as whether it’s a family member or a close friend, clearing out all the unwanted furniture and belongings can emotionally daunting. Even if you’re in charge of a house or flat clearance or someone you don’t know, getting that property clear can be a time-consuming project, especially if you have other commitments.


So, make your life easier by using our garage, house, flat and garden clearing services at KwikSweep. Even better, to make it more affordable for you, our quote will cover all the labour and VAT, meaning you know the exact cost upfront. Plus, all house clearances are undertaken in the right way, with recycling being a top priority.

Rubbish Collection

Rubbish collection in London can be a real problem, especially when you can be living in a small flat or with little outdoor space in which you can store rubbish until you find time to take it away. Worse still, many Londoners don’t have their own vehicles, making getting rid of rubbish extremely hard.

Which is why, again, using KwikSweep is such a good idea. As, not only will you be less stressed about it all, you’ll know your waste is getting disposed of in the environmentally sound way.

Office Clearance

When it comes to clearing an office in London, it can be hard to know where any rubbish from that office ends up. Which is particularly worrying when you consider that many office clearances – such as desks, chairs and even computer equipment – can end up on a landfill. Which, if those products could be reused, is a worrying factor for climate control.

Which is where KwikSweep can step in and help you. As, no matter how large or small your office clearance is, we can collect everything from chairs and desks to your electronics such as photocopiers and computers that are no longer needed. Plus, unlike other waste disposal services, where everything might end up in a landfill, KwikSweep ensures that everything that can be reused or recycled in some way, is. Which means you’re doing your bit for the environment too.

Garden Clearance


Is your outdoor space clogged up with old garden furniture, sheds and just general rubbish? Well rather than worrying about adding wet and potentially dirty garden items to your car, our service will do everything for you.

Even better, you can combine your garden clearance with getting rid of any junk from your home at the same time. As KwikSweep can help you with all your clearance issues in London, with the smallest amount of stress on yourself.

WEE Recycling and Hazardous Waste


If you’re looking for specialist rubbish uplift, here at KwikSweep we offer WEEE (electrical equipment) and I.T. disposal. Which is ideal for homes, offices and any property with specialist equipment that needs uplifted in London and discarded in both the correct way and a way that is safest for the environment.

The same goes for companies in London who need certified hazardous waste uplifted, KwikSweep can provide you with a reliable and safe service.

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