How IoT & IIoT Is Impacting the Remote Working & Virtual Digital Offices

Many modern office and manufacturers have been using Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) tech in fundamental areas of their businesses which has been costly as an investment but good value in the recent time when IoT has seen great acceleration and growth even into our homes.

Since early last year and late 2019 when Covid was not a household topic, IoT was deemed a luxury by most for the wrong reasons. However, in 2021 IoT is changing the way people learn, work, medical services, collaborate, security for a while now, and is taking centre stage especially as homes are now doubling up as offices for majority of the 9-5 workforce in many parts of the world. Although, even pre-covid, remote working was on the rise but now its seen great support and homes are now becoming wired with tech and making us work smarter feeling safer at the comforts of our homes.

Areas that have seen many advancements and use of IoT devices:

Remote Working1

1. Home Office and working remotely

You do not need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that fast internet connectivity is the key ingredient to good working experience. Since most of us use laptops, smart phones with email connectivity, we have seen a surge of parts needed to produce these items. Webcam, microphones, and headphones mainly wireless have been in high demand as technologies like zoom, skype, teams capitalise on these trends of moving away from brick-and-mortar office to cloud based systems in the digital workplace. According to the director of product development at, working from home has enabled moms specifically to keep up with colleagues at the office and their staff are able to continue developing movable toys even with the shortage of sensors and chips. This has empowered loads of women in industries, especially in engineering. The increase in demand for semiconductors for high performing home personal computers has increased market confidence to such an extent that demand has now surpassed supply and resulted into shortage of semiconductors which are the brains of the computers.

2. Remote Learning & Education

Industrial IoT in the education arena has become a game changer, meaning you don’t have to be physically present in class to attend a lecturer. Although this could be limiting for certain courses, it has become a practical solution for students doing theory-based courses to attend lecturers without needing to be onsite. Carol, editor and trainer at said, they have seen many pet owners take their live online courses because we are now using technology that is now familiar to majority of people on a day to day thus making hands on courses like agility training easier to administer as long as you have all the necessary tools at hand.

New intelligent service offered by the likes of Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams that identify the active speaker have made learning easy for students and lecturers alike. Live transcription service is also available to students who have hearing problems and rely on lip sync, as well as better virtual whiteboards. The sale of noise cancellation headphones ha spiked making it possible to attend run a lecturer from your home without being affected by the background noise of kids or traffic around you.

Remote Working2

3. Telephone based health

Consultation with family doctors or GPs has been wholly supported even with the risk of privacy and compliance laws. The government has relaxed a lot of red tape that was there before and with IIoT smart devices doctors are now able to monitor vital signs of patience online which was not even possible to do pre-Covid-19.

IoT has become a very significant addition to these 3 areas of our life. With improved infrastructure learning, working, and attending work has now become an easy task from anywhere in the world without worrying about variable like geographic distance.


IoT advancement has come in at a time we really need it and to our advantage we are able to enjoy the benefits at a reasonable cost. IoT and IIoT has benefited people in different ways beyond the 3 we have discussed above. For more information about IoT parts and smart devices check out our blog below.

Article written by editor: Rosie Cava

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