How Does Canadian Real Estate Differ From The USA?


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Finding a rental or looking to buy a home from is becoming more challenging as each day passes, regardless of whether you’re from Canada or the USA. While there are some similarities between the real estate of these two North American countries, there also are considerable differences in how these markets operate. And with the real estate market of these two countries both taking a hit in recent years, knowing the difference between these two might be necessary to know where’s the best place to invest. 

If you’re searching for this information, look no further. This detailed guide will take you through the differences between these two real estate markets. 

  • Application Process

There are glaring differences in the application process between the United States of America and Canada. The first difference starts with the application requirements. In Canada, it includes stating your assets or liabilities, income, proof of 2 years of employment, the kind of property you want to buy, and your income. In contrast, you’ll be needed to show your income, country of residence, proof of two years of employment, any real estate you have as well as your assets or liabilities. The processing duration between these two countries also differs, usually taking between 30 to 45 days in the USA and 5 to 10 days in Canada. 

Another apparent disparity between the real estate of these two countries is the mortgage interest rate, which is typically deductible against income tax in the USA. However, the mortgage interest in Canada isn’t tax-deductible. 

  • Way Property Gets Transferred

How property gets transferred in Canada and the United States is also how these two real estate markets differ. In addition, there’s a difference in how data is distributed once the deal’s finished and the distribution of data. The American home buyers are also expected to register the buy title insurance to finalize a transaction rather than registering the property’s title change. 

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In the USA, data from real estate transactions are made available to the general public. This is done to boost transparency among homebuyers before they even check out a potential home. Details show include the property’s price per square foot, sold history, Homeowners Association fees if appropriate, property taxes, and other relevant information. But in Canada, such transaction data are only available to real estate boards, their property titles, and agents. This is so because Canada usually has strict privacy rules and regulations preventing sellers and buyers from accessing any information virtually on another party’s real estate deal. This is why hiring a local Canadian professional like real estate agent Kelly Caldwell would be best to navigate the market.

  • Population

The real estate market is greatly affected by the population of a country. This is expected as this market focuses at the end of the day focuses on generating motivated seller leads, which is a function of population. And with the huge population disparity between these two nations, with Canada having around 34 million inhabitants while the USA having approximately 300 million residents, there’s bound to be a significant difference. 

This means as a real estate agent in America, you’ll have an easier time thinking of creative real estate strategies to reach out to your potential homebuyers. However, this isn’t the case in Canada, more so in the northern regions where you won’t find any people living.   

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