How Do You Measure a Corner Desk

When we want to establish rooms for our house, we always find ways to maximize the space, use them most effectively. The use of space-matching furniture and equipment will help you do this. A prime example is the corner table. Using the right corner table will help you save considerable space for the room. So how is a table called suitable? Let’s learn about how to measure the corner through this article.

What is the corner table?

Before going into the guide on measuring the table, the first thing I want you to understand is a corner table is an object?

As their name suggests, the best corner desks are tables designed to fit in the corner of the room. Why should I put my desk in the corner? Because the designer wants to save space. A desk in the corner allows you to use a part of the room that is often overlooked. They can be a great lifesaver, especially for dorm students, hostel friends, or anyone with a tight space. There is another simple reason that people like warmth and privacy when working in the corner. Whatever the reason, the corner table is an exciting item, right.

How to measure the table angle?

To measure a corner table that best suits your room space, we will divide the work into two large parts: First, determine the amount of free space in the room and then measure the table.

Determine the amount of free space in the room

Step 1

Check the corner of the wall where you want the desk to be located. Note, look for a power jack or electrical outlet nearby for the convenience of using electronic devices. If you put them above the wall, behind the desk also means that you will not reach them if you don’t move you to the other side.

Step 2

Outline the layout of the room. This step plays a decisive role in the size of the corner table. For example, if you have to install some other furniture such as a bookcase on the same wall as a corner desk or something immovable like a radiator, the size of the corner desk you install cannot be larger space.

Step 3

Measure the space available for corner table placement by measuring the distance between where the table is being installed and objects such as wall vents, windows, or immovable items such as large furniture, radiators heat…

Corner Desk1

Measure the table corner

After determining how much space to reserve the corner table, we will measure the table. We will proceed according to the five steps below.

Step 1

Divide the corner workbench into two rectangles (one side will be larger than the other). Measure the length of the larger rectangle with the tape measure. Next, measure the length of the remaining rectangle, running from the opposite end to the center. After that, don’t forget to record the size of the two measurements.

Step 2

Measure the width of the corner table. Sometimes this is also called the depth of the table. Imagine you are sitting at a table. The width covers your section from left to right. It is measured from the edges of the table. The view from the front or back angles is the same because it will consist of overlapping L-parts.

Step 3

Multiply the length by the width for an area. Next, multiply the width by the shorter length recorded for the remaining space. Add the two together to get the total surface area of ​​the corner table.

Step 4

Finally, measure the height for the corner table. Hang the tape measure off the edge of the table and make sure the tape is straight to the ground for absolute accuracy. If your appliance has a top cabinet or a stand, measure their height as well. Add the table height with the stand height to get the complete unit height.


Practicing the steps above correctly, I am sure you will get the best corner table. No matter how small your room is, thanks to it, it becomes tidy and more convenient. Good luck!

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