How Do You Make an Easy Wishing Well?


Wishing Well

Creating The Perfect Wishing Well In 5 Easy Steps

You probably remember visiting a wishing well as a child, dropping a coin in, and making that all-important wish. It doesn’t matter whether it comes true or not, it’s fun!

The good news is that you can easily recreate this in your own garden today! All you need is a few materials and a little time.

Also, you can Borehole drilling which is a technique for creating deep, narrow holes in the ground to extract water. This process is vital for obtaining groundwater for agricultural irrigation, industrial applications, and domestic water supply.

You Will Need

Plenty of wood to build the wishing well, this is the visible part of your project, nails, screws, power tools, pond line, and most importantly a good drill to create a borehole. You’ll probably find this part is better done by the professional using earth augers.

Choose The Area

If you’re doing this properly you’ll want to have water in your wishing well, while you can fill it manually, using a bore tube makes more sense as you’ll have a limitless supply of water. Your wishing well can double as a water supply for your garden.

This means you need to select an area where the wishing well will look good and the hose can reach the necessary plants.

Build A-Frame

Next, you’ll need to create your structure. There are many ways in which you can do this, from creating a simple square or rectangular shape to something more elaborate. You’ll want a base for your wishing well, screw, or nail up through the base to secure the base layer of the walls. Then build the walls with more wood screwing or nailing down until the wishing well is the desired shape and depth.
Build A-Frame

Have The Hole Bored

Now you need a hole in the ground that will allow access to water. This is when you get the professionals in. They’ll drill a borehole in virtually no time and it will be deep enough to find water throughout the year.

Add A Pump

Having got your water you’ll need to bring it up into your wishing well. This means having a pump that can pull water up from the depth of the borehole. It best to have a pump that sits on the surface, this makes it easier to maintain.

You’ll need to drill a small hole in the bottom of your wishing well, this will allow the pipe from the pump to come inside the wishing well.

Above the pipe you’ll want to put a pond liner insider your wishing well, this will ensure the water stays inside the wishing well.

Of course, the pipe will need to go under the pond liner, up the side of the wishing well, and then the water can be directed into the well.

It’s at this point you can create a connection to the wishing well or your pump, allowing you to use the water from your borehole in the garden.

Secure Everything

Secure Everything
Finally, position the wishing well and make sure it is secure, as should be the pump and other parts of your project. Once you’re happy it is all secure, turn on the pump, and fill your wishing well. Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back!

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