How Do I Keep My Couch from Getting Dirty?

How Do I Keep My Couch from Getting Dirty?

It’s perfectly natural that your furniture will become dirtier over time. This is especially true of those items of furniture that are used every. Your couch and chairs, for example, will be subject to wear and tear – and often, dirt from people’s clothes – and need some maintenance to keep them suitably clean.

What’s the best way to keep your couch from getting dirty? The obvious answer is not to let anyone sit on them, but that’s not going to happen! So, to help you find the right way to keep your couch clean – and the best way to clean it when necessary – here are some great ideas and tips that we think may help.

Put Rules in Place

You probably have a rule about people taking their dirty shoes off before they come into the house. After all, you don’t want all that mud and dirt getting into your carpets. So, why not have a similar rule for sitting on your furniture? Suggest that anyone who has been wearing working clothes, and children who have been playing outside, change their clothing before they use the furniture. It can often be the case that minute particles of dust you can’t see on their trousers, for example, will transfer to your soft furnishings, so make it a regular rule in your lounge.

A Weekly Once-Over!

The vacuum you use for doing the floor comes with a set of fitments. Use the brush attachment and that strange thin alternative head fitment and give your couch a good vacuuming once a week. It will only take you a few minutes. Make sure you take the cushions off to do the job, and you’ll be surprised how much dust and grime there is waiting for you.

Buy Quality Furniture

Quality Furniture

This may sound like a strange tip given we’re talking about cleaning, but it’s certainly so that a quality couch will be made with better quality materials, which will therefore last longer, be less susceptible to wear and tear, and will be easy to clean. This may be especially if you take a look at the latest in quality, tailored couches and furniture: eco-friendly couches. Made from natural materials and with none of the dangerous chemicals that are sometimes used for lesser quality items, you can get a non toxic couch designed for you, made from material that needs very little attention and cleaning. It’s a great way of going green while investing in quality furnishings!

Use Throws

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to keep your sofa and other furniture clean is to use throws or blankets for protection. Throws come in a full variety of different colours, sizes and styles and are great value. They can also be very attractive, and make an additional detail to the finish of your room.

Keep Pets Off!

This is a decision you really must consider! We all love our dogs and cats, but they do have a tendency to run in from outside and jump on the furniture! This is a sure fire way of getting your couch much dirtier than it should be in a very short time. If you do like your dog to get up beside you, use the throw or blanket like we mentioned and train the dog to lie in a particular place – his or her own special spot! That way, all you need to do is give the dog a fresh blanket every now and then and there’s no extra cleaning for you.

Deal With Spills and Stains Quickly

Soiled table cloth; Split Red Wine; Wine glass spill
This is a very important hint, and one that will save you a lot of trouble! Stains and spills are inevitable – we’ve all spilled a cup of coffee or glass of wine on a beautiful couch before, and then there’s the kids with chocolate, and plenty other stuff that can make a nasty stain. The trick is to deal with spills straight away. Use a paper towel and blot the liquid – don’t rub in the first instance – then when you have got rid of most of it, warm water gently applied should do the job. Make sure you don’t overdo it, as you may find the material loses colour if you wash too hard.

Washable Covers

You will find that good quality couches and furnishings have removeable covers to help with this very problem! They will come with guidelines as to how to wash the covers – and don’t forget the cushion covers too – and will be easy to get on and off, if perhaps a two-man job. Check before you buy that you are getting covers that are machine washable too. In some cases, customers buy a second set of covers so they can swap them every now and then.

Definitely No Smoking

There’s no getting away from it: tobacco smoke will certainly dull the colours of your furnishings, and surprisingly quickly, too. If you – or anyone in the home – is a smoker, make it a rule that they must do so outside, and not in the room where your treasured couch and chairs are! The smoke will also make the walls dirty, so you are keeping the whole room cleaner if you implement this rule.

Plump Up the Cushions

Plump Up the Cushions
If you give your cushions a good shake to get them back into shape every evening, you’ll find they last longer and look better. The same is true of the occasional cushions you use for decoration, so make sure you get these back into shape too.

The above tips are, when all is said and done, common sense, but many people forget to vacuum the furniture once a week, and it very quickly gets affected by ingrained dirt and dust. Follow these ideas – none of them takes much time or effort – and you will find that your couch looks clean and fresh for longer, and you get more life out of it. It makes sense after all, so make a note of the above tips and give them a go.

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