How Can Regular Contract Cleaning Ensure People’s Safety During a Pandemic?

Businesses should always have their staff’s health as a top concern and in 2020 this is more crucial than ever. The last thing any employee wants to have to worry about during their day at work is their health, however, it’s something few of us can escape from. By using contract cleaning, businesses are removing these worries while also increasing safety for staff, visitors and clients. 

By investing in a contract cleaning service, not only can business owners help to reduce the spread of the virus, but it also shows the workforce that they are valued and that every step possible is being taken to ensure their safety and to keep them healthy.

A contract cleaning provider will administer the obvious service of properly cleaning the premises to help reduce the spread of the virus by covering all areas and focussing on those places others would neglect, but there are other elements that they can assist in during the pandemic.

Providing PPE

PPE is something that many business owners have never needed to consider before, especially for typical desk roles. However, it is now essential for almost every business to adopt this. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to get hold of.

With waves of stock in and out of PPE suppliers, some sectors have struggled to provide everything needed, from face masks, hand sanitiser and gloves. 

Every good contract cleaning company will have everything fully stocked and be able to come to an arrangement with the buildings they service to being able to ensure the right PPE is always in stock.

Regular Contract Cleaning

Emergency Cleans

With increasing numbers of COVID-19 being reported every day and the country well into a second wave, the chances of a confirmed case in the workplace are high.

If this happens, there is no need to panic. Commercial cleaning companies have had full training to know exactly how to handle this situation. Many of these providers can even be there within a few hours to fully decontaminate the area.

While businesses could do this themselves, with the right training, equipment and knowledge, areas could easily be missed and they could be putting themselves at risk.

Many contract cleaning companies now offer bio-fogging. This is a service where a professional mist is distributed throughout the building and is proven to kill COVID-19. It covers every area from floor to ceiling and staff can return to work within a few hours.

This keeps everyone safe while also reducing any disruption to the working day.

Product Knowledge

Not every cleaning product and method can kill COVID-19 and contract cleaners know this. However, it isn’t just about bringing in those strong cleaning products.

Chemical cleaners always need to be handled with care, from proper storage to making sure the products don’t damage surfaces. All reputable cleaners are fully trained in health & safety, COSHH and colour coded cleaning.

This means that these professionals will keep cleaning standards high, whilst taking extra care with surfaces and soft furnishings and always ensuring that anything toxic or corrosive is properly removed after application. 

Regular Contract Cleaning2

Stocking Up

Encouraging regular hand washing, wiping down of workstations and sanitising hands is something every business owner is trying to do right now.

Most staff are happy to comply with this, as long as it is convenient. Regular ‘sanitisation stations’ make this easier for everyone and acts as a helpful reminder to those who may have neglected their hygiene for a period.

However, if these stations aren’t properly stocked, staff will quickly forget about them and few employees have the time to take out of their schedule to replenish these themselves.

Contact cleaning providers will regularly monitor these stations and re-stock when necessary, ensuring a reliable station and helping reduce the spread.

Laundry Services

Many businesses require regular laundry to be done, from tablecloths and towels to cushion covers and employee uniforms.

No longer is it just about making these items look and smell clean, the virus needs to be removed in the process as well. The best way to do this is to wash these items at high temperatures, ideally 90 degrees.

While this may sound simple, many fabrics, especially delicate ones, won’t survive this kind of wash cycle. Commercial cleaners can identify these items easily and adapt the products used accordingly.

This means a cooler wash can still be used on these fabrics while killing COVID-19 and preventing any damage to these textiles.

It isn’t worth risking the safety of anybody who visits the premises. At the same time, services that want to continue business with clients and customers need to prove to those visitors that they are safe when they enter the site. That’s why commercial contract cleaning is one of the most important investments for businesses in 2020.

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