How Anyone Can Create a Beautiful and Functional Garage


Create a Beautiful and Functional Garage 1

There’s nothing wrong with storing the stuff you don’t use in your garage. In fact, it makes sense. However, don’t use it as an excuse to neglect the space. Your garage can still be beautiful and functional while providing parking space, a work area, and storage. Here’s how.

1. Declutter the Space

Decluttering, though simple, can quickly become time-consuming. However, getting rid of all that unnecessary junk will allow you to get the full picture of the garage space you’re working with, helping you make informed decisions on the type of improvements and storage systems it’ll benefit from most. Plus, letting clutter sit won’t just clog up the floors.

Finding things will be much harder than it needs to be, not forgetting that the pile of stuff will attract pests like mice and dust, which will lower the air quality. You’ll likely have several trip and fire safety hazards as well. So toss, donate, or sell whatever you’re not using to get a clearer sense of the things you own.

2. Upgrade the Garage Floor

According to Fortune Magazine, the average American vehicle will spend 95% of its useful life parked. Even if your garage doubles as your workshop, you primarily use it to park and keep your car safe. With this in mind, you want the garage floors to handle the pressure and wear and tear that comes with constant use well. As part of your project, consider upgrading the floors.

Compared to epoxy coatings, polyaspartic floor coatings are far more durable and resistant to impacts and abrasions. It also offers better resistance to household cleaners, salt stains, automobile fluids, and tire marks. You don’t need anyone to tell you these qualities benefit your garage space. You can also use floor coatings with decorative flakes to introduce a stylish aesthetic.

3. Consider Shelves Instead of Closed Cabinets

Shelves are more affordable and easier to access since they eliminate the need for extra clearance to swing the doors open. They also let you see everything you’ve stored, making finding things easier. Cabinets with doors can encourage you to stay disorganized, as they’re great at hiding the evidence. This storage solution is best used for storing things that need protection from airborne dirt and dust.

Create a Beautiful and Functional Garage 2

4. Prevent Air Leaks Between the House and Garage

There’s one thing you’ll need to do before installing any organizers. Check for gaps in the wall that connects your garage to the main house and the ceiling if a room is above the garage. These are the usual culprits for letting cold or hot air seep inside and the moisture it carries. Use caulk to seal small gaps and expandable spray foam for larger ones.

5. Consider Garage Door Repairs or Replacement

The garage door is one of your garage’s main components and plays a key role in your home. Besides offering protection from intruders, it enhances curb appeal and helps with energy efficiency. You want it to stay in optimal condition to continue enjoying the benefits. According to A1 Doors, rated for 10,000 openings, if you use your garage door three times a day on average, it should give you six to 10 years of service before it needs repair or replacement.

Schedule an inspection with a professional garage door company to determine the best action. If the technician determines it’s in disrepair, they’ll recommend a replacement door. However, if it’s still serving its functional purpose, you may be lucky to only need repairs.

6. Add Plants to the Exterior Around the Garage Door

Garage door makeover ideas frequently place too much emphasis on the door itself and too little on the surroundings. Adding greenery and natural accents like blooming plants, potted evergreens, and vines can significantly improve your garage door’s curb appeal. Even a few pots in front of or adjacent to a garage can improve the visual appeal of a home that has cracked concrete or other aesthetic issues.

Note that the aesthetic improvement you get from adding plants depends on how well you maintain them. Dead, dying, or weak plants won’t do much. Here’s a tip. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, pruning a plant when it’s dormant facilitates its recovery, which is crucial for producing blooms the following year.

Who said your garage can’t look good while still being functional? With the right approach, you can turn your garage into one of your favorite rooms of the home. Don’t hesitate to use the ideas in this read.

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