How a Swimming Pool Can Add Value to Your Home

A swimming pool in the backyard is probably one of the most desired features of any homeowner, especially those who live in regions with sweltering summers. After all, there’s nothing like a swimming pool when it comes to getting respite from the summer heat.

If you have a swimming pool at home, there would be no more need to pack swimming stuff like sunscreen, towels, and swim goggles into your car and bring the entire family to the community pool. All you need to do is take a few steps out the back door, and you’re right where you want to be if you’re going to cool off and swim laps.

The value a swimming pool adds to your home

Swimming Pool

For sure, your swimming pool can add value to your home, particularly when it’s time to sell it. As mentioned above, many people want to have a swimming pool at home for a number of reasons, and not too many people are going to pass up that chance.

However, how much of the cost of building and maintaining a pool would you be able to recoup when the time comes to sell will depend on several factors.

If a potential buyer is visibly excited about the fact that the home you’re selling has a pool, then that’s a clear indication that your home got some value from the pool. Of course, the pool has to have a design that goes with the house and your neighborhood as well.

Another thing about a swimming pool that could add value to your home is how well-maintained it is. A pool that looks like the owner takes good care of it will always be attractive to potential home buyers. One look at the clean and clear water, the efficient filtration system, and the perfectly working heating system should make a potential buyer more interested and willing to pay a premium on your house.

Consider the age of your pool as well. Obviously, a swimming pool built just a couple of years ago gives you a better chance of recouping the costs of building and maintaining it. If your pool is nearly 20 years old and is showing clear signs of its age like cracked tiles or concrete, then you cannot expect it to add significant value to your home by that time.

The intangible value of a swimming pool

Swimming Pool
The costs of building and maintaining a pool may or may not impact the value of your home, but there is no question about how it impacts the lives of everyone in your household. That also goes for people who would buy your house in the future and live there.

The bonding opportunities that a swimming pool alone can provide for you and your loved ones are already worth the price of admission. With a swimming pool, you can spend as much time as you’d like teaching them to swim, playing games with them, and simply just cooling off together.

You can also swim laps anytime you want, and be as fit as you want to be with a workout that doesn’t take a toll on your ankles.

A swimming pool will always add value to your home, one way or the other.

About The Author

Alexis Reed is the Content Specialist of H2O Pool Service, a family-owned Phoenix pool company that cleans, services, and repairs residential and commercial pools throughout Arizona. She enjoys hiking and camping with her family and friends.

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