Housecleaning Tips: How to Care for Furniture

When you spend hours choosing the right furniture for your home it’s essential that you also discover the best way to care for the furniture. After all, the right French wardrobes can transform any bedroom. But, the effect will quickly disappear if you don’t take the opportunity to care for your items.

The good news is that it is relatively simple to care for furniture, you just need to be aware of the key points. It will help it to last a lifetime.

Who knows, your beautiful new French wardrobes could become an important item to future generations!

Dust Often

Almost all types of furniture are generally very good at collecting dust. Removing this helps the wood to breathe. Fortunately, it’s easy to do with a microfiber duster. This cloth actually attracts dust, helping to ensure you get all of it.
Dust Often

Wash Regularly

Wooden furniture can be washed to remove surface marks and dust. The trick is not to get it too wet. Wet wood is likely to swell up. This will cause it to distort and warp, which will ruin the overall look of your furniture!

Instead, use a damp cloth coupled with a mild liquid dish soap. Done regularly you should just need to wipe over the top of your wooden furniture. If necessary you can scrub harder to get rid of stains.

Once you’ve washed it, go over it again with a damp cloth soaked in plain water. This will ensure there are no detergents left in the wood which can cause long-term damage.

You should also ensure that ammonia is not used in any form, this can stain the wood finish.

Polish It

The process of washing will remove some of the top layer of polish that has been applied to wood furniture. The polish is what gives your furniture a shine but it also helps to protect it from spills and other unexpected occurrences.

Replenish the polish by rubbing a good wood polish across the surface of your furniture. This will reseal the wood, restoring the shine and protecting it from damage. You should note that alcohol-based polishes will damage the finish on your wood.


You’ve probably seen the cold drink, on a hot day, where the condensation goes down the outside of the glass and onto the furniture. There’s a good reason why people wince. The drops of water will sit on the furniture and stain it, you’ll find it extremely difficult to get the marks out.
Save yourself the hassle and care for your furniture by using coasters. It’s simple but effective.

The same applies if you’re going to place a hot item on the wood, protecting the wood is much easier than trying to restore or repair it.

Avoid Sunlight

It can be difficult to keep all your furniture out of the sunlight, after all, you want the light to get into your home.

However, sunlight causes the wood to fade, giving your item a two-tone look that cannot easily be repaired. It’s easier to keep the furniture out of the sunlight.

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